Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wants vs. Needs

While B had lived in his home for a few years by the time I moved in, you would never have guessed it. The front living room was literally empty, the family room had a table, a love seat and the biggest laz-y-boy you've ever seen in your life. The kitchen was stocked with nice glassware, some hand-me-down plates, a set of mixing bowls and various mis-match pots and pans.
After about a month of dating, B asked me to make chocolate chip cookies for dessert one night. He directed me to the flour and sugar and grabbed a bag of Nestle chips from the freezer. I reached for a mixing bowl and got to work. Moments later I called to him, "Measuring cups?" he responded with, "just eyeball it" his round about way of saying he didn't own any, "ok," I laughed, "how about a mixer?" He came into the kitchen and handed me a hand cranked egg beater thingy. I think I injured my wrist. Somehow my cookies came out ok, albeit a little doughy (overestimated on the flour). The very next day I was buying measuring cups and spoons from the dollar spot at Target. I brought my handheld electric mixer from my apartment, and we were pretty much set.

Ouch! image

Once I moved in and brought my Ikea plates and small set of Corningware, our kitchen was adequately stocked for our needs. The pots and pans are a little on the cheap side, but I've made do, knowing that I would wait until we were able to register. Holding back from buying nice serving platters and better dishes has been really tough. I love me some Home Goods sprees, and I've really had to hold back. I wanted to make sure that we got what we wanted. And I know what I want.

In college, my roommate's mom not only had our apartment professionally decorated ( unbelievable), but she also stocked our kitchen with dream materials and instruments. Portmeirion, Crate and Barrel, Henckels knives and my favorite, All-Clad pots and pans. Since my roomie did not cook at all, they were mine all mine for three years. When I moved away, I missed my All-Clad every single day.

Portmeirion botanic roses collection. Image

I look at the prices now and my jaw hits the ground. I try to think if it's really worth it, and I just can't help but think that it is. I want my All-Clad. I don't know if I need an entire collection of Portmeirion, but I really think I need my All-Clad. Do I dare register for such an expensive set? I'm not sure who I would expect to buy it for me. But I keep coming back to the same phrase, "Do I register for something I don't want?" I know asking for gift cards is not exactly proper-but I'd feel pretty bad if someone bought me a $200 frying pan.

So B and I set out last Thursday to attend Macy's "Sip and Scan" Bridal registry event. Mocktails, a DJ and loads of registry consultants were there to make the evening easier. B got bored pretty quick, so we scanned some fun stuff and I came back the next day to finish us off. I did something I wasn't expecting. I did not register for China. I want useful things as wedding gifts. I want things that are going to make us happy. I have three sets of China available to me from my mom and grandma, so I figure I'm set. There were some beautiful sets, but nothing that I just had to have. I decided to register for a couple pieces of Portmeirion serveware, rather than the whole set of dishes.

Overall I tried to pick very simple, classic pieces. I'm worried there are not enough affordable items on our registry, so I'm keeping my eye out for smaller things for people to buy. I started a Williams-Sonoma registry online, but again-expensive! Is it not the weirdest feeling to create such a huge wish list?


  1. I know! I had these same problems while registering. I just couldn't justify adding things to the registry that I would never spend on myself. I also worried we didn't have enough lower priced items so we may have to go back and do some adjusting.

  2. It is the strangest feeling! I actually have a registry post coming up, too. Go for the All Clad! Beautiful pans you know you will use and will last a lifetime are a better investment of a guest's money than something lousy you'll have to toss in a year.

  3. Here's a tip: all the smaller stuff we registered for to cover all budgets, I returned and got a gift card! I just didn't really need a cheese plate, so we're rather getting one big thing like a coffee machine. I don't feel bad for exchanging things, should I? We also ticked the box that said gift cards welcome. But it's a messy business either way.

  4. I would say to still register for some of the bigger ticket items that you want. For my cousins wedding a couple family members went in together on a big ticket item that was on her registry. Plus, look at the pans as an investment! You get what you pay for. Those pans will last you for a VERY VERY long time whereas some of the cheaper ones won't last you as long.

  5. It is strange...but do it up! your one time ever! I did get the All-Clad myself, and I must say, I am in l o v e. Go for it!! People can always go in on a big item together, PLUS, you will receive lots of money and if it's that important to you, you'll finish your all-clad set.

  6. Thanks! Looks like we have very similar engagement rings too! :-)