Thursday, October 6, 2011


So Pioneer Woman's Italian Chicken Soup was a definite fail last night. Such a bummer because it created quite the mess, took a lot of work, and made a ton of soup. It was edible, but not enjoyable. Not the result you want when you've worked hard in the kitchen.

I ate on plan all day once again! I've realized my "witching hour" is 4pm. I'm getting hungry, not ready to make dinner, don't want to eat a lot, but need to have something. That's when I'm typically craving a salty carb. Luckily I don't have much in the house to get me off track, but I've got to make sure to plan ahead for that snack.

Today is a grey, rainy day. I took advantage of my late start work day and slept in a little, enjoyed my cup of coffee and headed to the gym for a nice walk while watching house hunters! Now it's off to work and hopefully home early. I love, love my job!

Here's my meal plan today:

Bfast: coffee and greek yogurt with fruit
Snack: granola bar
Lunch: leftover soup(hoping it tastes better today!)
Snack: apple with peanut butter
Dinner: Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle Bake ok so this is not the healthiest meal, but it's easy and it looks like it can't go wrong. The secret will be sticking to an appropriate portion. My trick has been loading up a tupperware for leftovers prior to dishing out our own dinner. It's been working!

I have to say, it's been 2.5 days of being on track with food and I feel really, really good. My mood is awesome, my energy is good and I feel in control of things, which is always a good feeling. I'm ready to make it 7 days in a row!


  1. I'm so proud of you for getting to the gym! You're motivating me!!

  2. Staying on track is tricky! I'm a fan of the greek yogurt and coffee for breakfast too. I'm in the same boat- trying to eat healthy to stay upbeat. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It doesn't compare, but when I went through awful post-partum, eating well gave me a little feeling of control in my life. I hope that you find solace in new habits too.

    All the best,