Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm not really a DIY person. I'm just never satisfied with how my own works of art come out. But I think I might be able to swing these...

Photo: Daria Bishop
I love the little bucket of flowers hanging by a nail. Whoever painted this has some great handwriting, but even if it weren't so perfect I still think it'd be adorable.

photo: The Knot

I'm not planning on doing much for aisle decor. We are exchanging vows on top of a hill, surrounded by rolling hills and trees, so I don't want to disctract the view. But this would be so easy-and cheap! Get whole coffee beans from costco, some jars, and carnations! The wire hangers would be the most complicated, but with the right supplies it'd wouldn't be so bad!


  1. I love the coffee bean ones. and the jars, those are like the kimchee jars my mom uses. If we could just get the stink out, i'm realizing they could be used quite while... hmmmm!!!


  2. Amy, thanks so much for your sweet comment. I am sure things will be popping up about the wedding from time to time. That sign at the top of this post with the flowers is adorable! Also, my dress is Pronovias. I really, really liked it! Kelly

  3. Love love love the coffee beans and carnations!