Friday, August 5, 2011

22 Weeks

Dear Baby Girl,

This week has been tough. I went in for my appointment on Wednesday and found out that you are perfect, but your mommy's body is not. It was the toughest news I've ever gotten. Ever. It was very unexpected and left me feeling very raw and very shocked.

Instantly, all of our loved ones gathered around us and embraced us with love and hope and offers of support. It was overwhelming but not surprising. We have some amazing family and really great friends. They will love you and adore you so much. In fact, they already do.

You are really kicking up a storm in there. Mommy's tummy is getting nice and round which I love. I really enjoy being pregnant and having others know I'm pregnant. It's such a significant thing. I've heard people call it a privilege and that's really a great word. Not everyone experiences this and I've just loved every bit of it.

The reason our bad news was so shocking is because I've been feeling so great. I have energy, have been getting exercise and eating so well. Daddy takes amazing care of us and is so happy to know you are in there dancing around. I can usually feel where your head is right now, and he loves feeling that little round bulge. He's still waiting for you to kick for him, though!

Baby girl, I hope you continue to grow and grow. I hope mommy's body cooperates and you arrive here safe and sound. We know it will be early, but we're hoping not too early. I already love you so, so much. I talk to you everyday in a really annoying baby voice that I'm sure you will grow to hate. But I can't help it. So far your nickname is "mommy girl" even though I'm pretty sure you'll be a daddy's girl all the same.

I love to rub my belly and feel you move. I love to try to guess which position you are in since you seem to move all the time. Every single doctor has commented on how active you are. Sounds like you will keep me on my toes!

I'm not giving up on you, baby girl. No one is. You are perfect and I just hope I can keep your pretty little being safe and sound for as long as possible.

I know you will be early, but how about you give Auntie K a nice birthday present and come on her November 5th birthday? Boy, that would be nice. Although the doctors don't expect you to make it that long, that's my own little goal for you.

Love you so much already!



  1. Awwww I would LOVE to share my birthday with little Bremy!!! :) You stay put peanut!!!

  2. Praying for y'all! The good news is they caught it early and put you on the bedrest! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions during all this!