Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Baby Has a Name

Bremy Belle

Bremy Belle is our baby's name. We thought of her first name years ago, but weren't sure if we'd ever use it. When we found out we were having a baby girl, we just kept coming back to that name. Then we started to call her that and it just felt so right. My parents really loved it. We got some mixed reviews from others, but everyone agreed that once they started saying it, it really seemed to fit.

Bremy is a combination of mine and my husband's name. I've always liked "cute" names that end in a y sound, and my husband just thought it was so cool that it had never been used before but didn't sound too off the wall.

Belle is a name I have loved since I was young. I liked it for a first name, but it just seemed to work as Bremy's middle name.

I'm so sad I will never hear this name called from a graduation stage or at her first sporting events. I just love the name so much and could not wait to see it on her monogrammed onesies. Or see her write it on her homework.

But we will always say it. We will always know it. And as B's cousin pointed out, it is a perfect name for our daughter who has passed. She has a part of myself and a part of B in her always, and her name reflects that perfectly.

We miss you Bremy Belle. Words cannot describe how much we miss you.


  1. Oh what a beautiful name! I love it! :)

  2. Beautiful name - and such a great way to keep her memory alive.

  3. I love unique names. Very fitting that it's a combination of both of you :)

  4. What a beautiful name. I'm so sorry she wasn't able to stay with you, as your live daughter.

    Unfortunately, I have a friend who also suffered infant loss. In her case, it was a full-term baby son who died at 2 days. Two years later, she had a healthy child, who is now 21 months. But she never forgets her first-born, and neither will you.

    She'll be with every moment of every day.