Sunday, May 18, 2008

Color Conundrum

I'm still hung up on my color palette. When one of my good friend's was engaged the day we graduated, it was easy to create an inspiration board for her. Why? Because she knows what she wants! She's also incredibly stylish, so certain things just remind me of her! Here's what I emailed her moments after I found out about her long awaited engagement (they've been together for nearly 10 years!)Green bridesmaids via The Bride's Cafe, Gray Bridesmaids In Style via A Bride in the Making, Cake from Rebecca Thuss, Yellow Valentino Shoes via Perfect Bound, First 3Wedding Dresses, invite, limo shot from Brides, All White Bouquet from Artfool,
Strapless Dress from Neiman Marcus
So while the DF and I were fulfilling homeowner responsibilities on our Sunday trip to Home Depot, I stopped by the paint section to play around with some color. Here's what I grabbed and took home.

Sorry it's such a crookedy picture. I should be in bed! These paints are from Ralph Lauren Vintage Masters Collection.
I'd definitely tinker with the pinks and mauves, but I like the navy for the bms (and little else) and the green as an accent. Our potential venue will have plenty of browns and greenery which I think will compliment these colors. What do you think?


  1. I love these colors! You have fabulous taste--you will no doubt have a fabulous wedding. Congrats!

  2. very sweet. we are using navy for the bridesmaids and i can't get away from that cool green either. i have settled on brown and cream but need a lighter color (like along the lines of your pale pinks.) I just swore i would never do pink, so I'm thinking about yellow. these are all great colors for October.

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