Friday, May 9, 2008

Fear of [color] Commitment

So far, finding a future husband has been easier than finding a color palette. Ok, so not really-but I am starting to envy the brides to be who can narrow down their color choices so that their ideas look so streamlined!

Romantic Pink Bouquet from Martha
My first color thoughts were: mauve, rose, champagne. I always envisioned my BMs wearing different colored dresses. In my head I loved the idea of a spectrum of color. From wine to mauve to champagne for instance. My fabulous wedding twin, Kate created this image on David's Bridal to give me a visual of the spectrum idea. I decided that maybe I wasn't up for the mis-match after all.
Then, as I told people I wanted a rustic feel to my wedding with a barn, casual food and a relaxed atmosphere, most people suggested the ever-popular brown bridesmaids dresses with green and maybe some pink. Literally every picture I saved for the first two weeks of wedding browsing was green! While I do like this color-combo I'm just over the brown bm's look. It's everywhere!

SMP board I fell in love with early on

Examples of the pink and mauve look

Images: Peony Bouquet via The Brides Cafe, Pink & White roses from Martha, yellow&pink garden roses from David's Bridal, Color Palette From Weddingbee

That's when I decided I wanted my girls to wear navy. It's one of my favorite colors, it looks good on all of my bm's and it is nice and dark and flattering. Now the problem is what color to put with the navy. First thought: peaches. Second thought: go back to the mauves/pinks with some green as an accent. Love this, I just haven't seen it done. I can't picture it in my head! I also feel like too much navy is preppy and crisp looking rather than rustic/casual chic. I decided if I did navy, the dresses would probably be the only things that were actually navy...Images top to bottom: Rebecca Thuss, Zenadia Designs, The Knot

I'm still not sold. Does the navy kind of ruin the rustic vibe? For a moment I thought of doing a nice plum/wine BM dress. It would be fitting of October and still dark enough to be flattering. It would make my mom ecstatic as it's her favorite color. But it's never been a color I've worn or gravitated towards. It might be a nice pop if I did light pink/mauve flowers. Hmmm. What do you guys think? I need major help. Love this look from SMP


  1. I like your pink/mauve board the best. The shades of pink will allow you to put your bridesmaids in any number of colors, and you can add in lots of creams and pale yellows to keep it from going overboard pink. Very "french countryside" I think.

  2. Hey twin - I like the light pink/mauve board the best. BUT - I just send ya something that I think might work. Let me know what you think...

  3. i love pink, mauve, and navy together but i agree with you that it isn't rustic. i'd say keep the pinks and maybe throw in a TINY bit of purple and green?

  4. ok, I am obsessed with your navy now. I considered burgundy as well as yellow. but i had to keep in mind that the photos could get dark with all those heavy colors. i quite like the green and mauve. I say forget the traditional "fall colors." I am so sick of orange, red and browns for fall. one of those is enough with an unexpected fall color just stay away from pastels and you are set.

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