Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Lovelies

I have accumulated so many clips of beautiful things (yes in just the past few months!). Many of them, probably wont be incorporated into my wedding, but I still love them. You know, like Martha's "good things". Here are some of my little lovelies. Fruit and Scones-love it!

Amazing Rose Wreath Mel Barlow via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Chalkboard Bookmarks no longer available from Pottery Barn

I'm sorry, but so many of these images are from my early days of wedding browsing--aka, before I learned to note where I was clipping images from... I love the child-like wonder of the balloons above. I normally think of tacky homecoming balloon arches when people mention balloons at weddings, but how cute is she with the white balloons?
I was so intrigued by the burlap place setting below.

Image from Brides

Loved the color combo of this lobster affair. It was featured on The Preppy Wedding, but I'm not sure where this exact clip came from.

If I were going to do a tented wedding, I would LOVE to do the clear tent. So beautiful. Dancing under the stars..check !

Image: The Knot

These cork candles are gorgeous, especially with the monogram. Hurry, they are currently on sale for $12.99

Cork Candles From: Pottery Barn

Love this gorgeous beach towel $29@ Pottery Barn

Isn't this pool delish? Brides

So I have a bazillion more images I could post, but I imagine I'll post another little lovlies section in the future.

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