Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hit me With your Best shot!

So studying for the bar is about as fun as everyone says it is. I've been losing steam, catching up on my Google reader and basically slacking this weekend. So I decided to at least get a post out of it. Then it's back to the books! Love this "alone" moment. Love that it includes the bling. Photo By: Anna Kuberberg

For the time being I'm avoiding real planning stuff and continuing to soak in all of the gorgeous details of real weddings. I've mentioned my obsession with photographer's blogs and now that I'm engaged I've been looking at their work much differently. Recently I started saving photos that really spoke to me, photos I'd love to have recreated at our own wedding. Here is a sampling of what I have so far!So I definitely love the shoe-shot. But this one includes the groom. The groom with the bouquet! Photo by Anna Kuperberg

Bridal Line up in motion from Knottie DJRS. Photo by: Tia Gavin

Of course there are a million standard shots that I really love. The shoes, the hanging dress, the post-nuptial hand on hand ring shot, the pre-nuptial creative ring shot. All of those! And these too! The "I'll take care of you" embrace. So romantic. Photo By Jessica Claire

Group Shot-must have. Group shot in front of a barn? Yes Please! Image found at Brides
If Maverick does get to come play-I definitely want him photographed-like this! Photo By Jose Villa

I probably wont have to ask for this one....But I do love the positioning..sorry can't find photo credit
Beautiful shadowy moment. Image from Weddingbee Mrs. Lovebug. Photo by Chris Richards

I have so many more, but I must stop there. I definitely do not want to limit my photographer's creativity on the day of, but I would hope they will find it helpful to know what kind of shots I'd love to see from my day.

alright back to this pesky thing called the bar exam...


  1. Looking awesome !! Got a same bridal shoes from Endless for my wedding party.

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  3. This is absolutely stunning...