Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two Birds, One Song

As I pour over the books, I must have music playing. Normally I play classical movie scores because they have varying tempos and no words. Today I switched to Jazz, you know, to add some excitement to my studies! I either listen to my iTunes classical list, or tune in to AOL Radio. Every so often a song will come on, and I'll have to write down the name because as I listen, I begin to hear the song playing at a wedding....
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DF and I do not have "a song" and we have varying tastes in music, but there is some common ground to play around with. I'd really like to have a song that no one would expect. While we are pretty good at shakin' our booties to r&b/rap/pop music, I don't think we've ever even slow danced an entire song without bursting into laughter because we have no idea what we are doing! Dance lessons anyone?

Here are my recent additions to our possibilities:

Nat King Cole: Let There Be Love
the lyrics are pretty cutesy, but I like the jazzy feel and that there is somewhat of a tempo

The Holiday: Film Score by Hans Zimmer: I love this entire soundtrack and would love to implement it into our day somehow. My absolute favorite track is "Gumption"
The song in the closing scene is also a favorite,
Aretha Franklin: You Send Me (don't picture dancing to it, but definitely want it played at some point).

Marc Cohen: True Companion
I heard this months ago and couldn't get over it. I think it is so, so romantic and very fitting for us. But it is realllly slow!

Barry White: Can't get enough of your love.
This was allllways the song I pictured dancing to and I have no idea why. I've thought about it for so long, that I kind of want something different now, like it's all worn out!

George Strait: Carried Away
This was another song that I have always considered. I am a die hard, born and raised country fan, but the fiance is definitely not. So it's a no.
Eva Cassidy: Fields of Gold
Gorgeous rendition of the Sting classic. It is breathtaking, not so obvious and sllooow.

Patti Griffin: Heavenly Day
This song makes me cry everytime. But I'm afraid it's too predictable.

Peter Gabriel: In Your Eyes
Love everything about this song.

My newest obsession is the Vitamin String Quartet, their work is unbelievable. They do a great "In Your Eyes" tribute that I reallly want. Whatever song we choose, I'd love to have an instrumental (hopefully live) version played as I walk down the aisle or as our recessional.
Would love to hear some unique, dance-able suggestions!

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  1. In Your Eyes is "our song" and it was so great to see what you posted! When that song starts to play my heart just melts! I'd give that one my vote!