Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gifting the Guests

I have to admit that my first inclination was to ditch the favors. Honestly, I don't really care about them when I go to a wedding. The reason: I've never really gotten a good favor. DF went to a wedding the weekend after he met me and did get a pretty sweet mini bottle of wine with their names and dates on it. But do we drink it? Save it? It sits on our wine rack.Pretty. Useful. Not tacky. Love it! But it's about 5bucks each when you order 100.

Then there is the magnet from "Monica and John's" wedding. I have never met them, or even heard of them, but it's been on the side of DF's fridge since before I moved in. It's literally a clip art bride and groom with their names and the date. The last wedding I went to gave almond hershey kisses in clear boxes. So. Yeah. I've never gotten too excited about wedding favors.
I thought this was so adorable. Kind of useless, but at least it makes a visual impact. Since everyone knows DF is a huge SF Giants fan, it would be very fitting. But it's probably a no. Photo Found via Pearl's Events

My new favorite favor idea...caricature sketches! I think this would be so fun. It would keep guests occupied during the cocktail hour and I think we would all get a good laugh. My goal for my wedding is to have people truly enjoy themselves. As I pick and plan in my head I try to imagine myself as a guest at my own wedding. I think I would be super excited if I went to a wedding and got to take home a funny sketch of myself (and DF). The problem is, I have NO idea how much this would cost.
Photo James Sanders via BV Weddings I've found a great artist in the bay area. I'm waiting to hear from him for pricing info. Check out his work here.

Another great idea is to have someone cut your guests' silhouette. I loved this wedding featured on BV Weddings. Again, I have no idea how pricey this would get. It's a bit more formal than the caricature, but what a great memento!
Photo: BV Weddings. Artist's site here

And of course I do love the candy buffets and the midnight snack idea. The milk and cookies favor was one of the first things I just loved when I started looking at wedding stuff. It's just so adorable!
Photo from Brides I love the idea of making homemade cookies for our guests. I've always baked cookies with my mom and grandma and I know they would be so proud to provide the favors. My favorite part- the unlimited possibilities for cute packaging!

Again, no immediate decisions to be made but I'm having fun soaking in the possibilities. Would love to hear more ideas!


  1. I agree on the useful favors thing. Otherwise it's just a waste of time and money. I hope you go with the caricatures, I love it!

  2. I may be doing the homemade cookies as well! Wow you're right- our style is soooo similar!