Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Table Names: The Road to Love

So of course any detail-obsessed bride is going to do something creative with their table numbers, escort cards, table names etc. I saw a lot of ideas I liked for table names/numbers, but I couldn't come up with anything original to us.

How cute are these table number frames? Each table was a year with their corresponding picture. How on earth did she manage this one? Found via Weddingbee Contests

The places we've traveled together: not many! I've been in law school! Our favorite restaurants: embarassing to say the least. Childhood photos: adorable, but incredibly time consuming (especially if you've seen my mother's photo-organization skills). Our dog: my favorite, but definitely been done before. So what to do?
First of all, love the centerpieces. Secondly, the table names were the military alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie) definitely unique! From The Knot

I had a lightbulb moment! Yes, as I was studying Real Property for the bar, I thought: Street Names! I quickly jotted down a list of streets with meaning. Obviously the streets we grew up on, the streets where our grandparents always lived, the street we currently live on, the steets our families currently live on, and THEN just to make sure we have enough we can incorporate made up street names like Maverick Blvd. to include the special things we want to highlight. DF's mom lives a block away from a "Lover's Lane", so that will probably be the name of the head tables!
Lovers Lane Sign from Flickr

I like that I can then seat the people in the streets that they will identify with. It just so happens that a lot of DF's family friends all live on the same super long street! And I know my aunts and uncles would get a kick out of sitting at "Berkeley Rd" which is the street they all grew up on. I am so excited. I am SURE this has been done before, but I definitely have never seen it, so it's original to me!
Love the shape of this one. Found on Corbis

Once I got the idea down, I tried to brainstorm ways to execute. Would we make signs shaped like real street signs? Would we take pictures of ourselves at each street sign? I've always loved chalkboard table numbers, just write it out on a rectangular chalkboard sign?

The pictures of the lovebugs with the typewriter-bearing table number came out super cute. This one at mini-golf and another at the movie theater were so much fun! I'm sure it took a lot of time, but I think we could do something similar!
There are a lot of possibilities for having this as a motif. I was inspired by Mrs. Lovebug's wedding. While I'm not really into themed-out weddings, her old fashioned type writer motif was executed perfectly.

Ok, so any additional ideas or tips for the best way to execute are welcome!


  1. Oh my! I've had the hardest time thinking of a new idea as well for the table numbers - but I Love love love the year and photos one! Thanks! :)

  2. I think part of the secret lies in not narrowing your focus so much. Somehow Lovebug executed her perfectly, but things start to get cheesy when you pick a theme and you won't budge from it at all. I am starting to lean towards old world travel, books, and buttons. Doesn't seem like they will go together right now, but I think they will eventually.

  3. I like the idea... it blends who you are as a couple with who you are as individuals perfectly. The only thing I would be concerned with is how you would organize them. You could sort them alphabetically or arrange them numerically based on on the address associated with the street name.

  4. LOVE the street name idea.
    How cute it will be
    for each table to be
    sitting at a place
    setting with a street
    name that has a little
    sentimental value!

    I think if you were
    to take pictures by
    the signs, that'd be
    darling. But you can
    never go wrong with the
    classic chalkboard idea!

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