Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Premature Purchase?

As soon as I saw the "dancing shoes" idea I knew I had to have it. Cheap, colorful, practical and appreciated! I know I would surely appreciate slipping into the comfy-rubbery goodness that is the flip flop if I had been wearing heels all day!

Love the baskets and the bursts of color. Image Source: uknown!
Fancy! Image from: The Bride's Cafe

So when Real Simple posted information about the $1 flip flop sale going on at Old Navy this Saturday...the wheels started spinning. Do I order?

And if I do, how many? Oh my-decisions! What colors? Next year?
Make sure to snag your own. This Saturday only!


  1. thank you thank you! i'm doing this too and this is VALUABLE info!

  2. Damn!! I was away!! Did you do it?!

  3. I was SO dissapointed bc they were not $1 online, and the limit in the store was 5 per customer. By the time I made it there on Sat, they were down to black and white only. I left empty handed...