Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day One

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Things have gotten a little bit out of control for me lately. The past three weeks have been quite the roller coaster ride. One day I'm focused, studying hard, eating right and sneaking in some exercise. The next I'm binge-snacking, doing anything but studying and feeling anything but focused.
It needed to end.
I know that if I want to pass this test I have to be on top of my game. I have to be unstoppable. I have to be *clear*.

It's been a year since I started my diet...err..lifestyle change. I've lost 50lbs and in the past few months I've slowly started putting them back on! I needed to take action since each day has been posing new obstacles. I busted out the old "Day One" menu for the program I had been following. While I made the breakfast I have made so many times before, I realized that this time I needed someone to keep me accountable.
Moments later, as I piled the 50+lbs of Bar review books into the trunk of my car, I dialed my bestie aka MOH. While we have completely different shapes (she's way more athletic than I) we have both lost and gained a substantial amount of weight in the past two years, and we both need to lose a good chunk more.
"Hello??" she answered, surprised to hear from me on her daily commute from SF to San Jose. "I'm starting a 21 day challenge," I blurted, "Exercise, eating right and getting focused." I was literally gasping for air after lifting my heavy load into the car.
"Wait? What? Yeah, I'm in!" She seemed ready.
We chatted for a bit about what we were committing to and what the groud rules were. We will be weighing in tomorrow morning, along with measurements. While we both have different ideas about health and weight loss (she's way more athletic than I) I think we will be a good influence on eachother.
If our midday texts are any indication, I think we're off to a good start!

me: "are you having a good lunch?"
moh: "mmm, salad, ff dressing, water"
me: "so good! fiber, water, no salt!"
moh: .....

While my tummy was grumbling as I studied, I know I can power through it. I'm ready to get started on these next 50lbs! I'll keep you posted on the next 20 days!


  1. We will all be here with you as well, feel free to keep us updated whenever you need some motivation!

  2. Thank you so much! Jenna, you are a great inspiration! You look awesome.

  3. Amy dear - I think you are amazingly gorgeous as you are, but I applaud you for your fit and fabulous plan! We are most definitely here for you!

  4. You go, girl!

    Kick that weight's butt!

  5. good luck!!! i know you'll do it :)