Sunday, June 8, 2008

You say boo-kay I say bow-kay

However you say it, it's a common denominator in almost all weddings. From the single stem, to the voluminous cascade, bouquets are a wedding mainstay (obviously).
As much as I thought I'd go for something totally original and unique, I realized recently that when it came to clipping images that piqued my interest for my own bouquet, I was continuing to go for an all time classic: white roses. Now, I started with my fair share of crazy succulent, artichoke-inclusive arrangements, but as I started to really think about the pictures and the overall look and feel, I wasn't feeling so edgy.
This was one of my original favorites....but I'm not really feelin' it anymore. From The Knot
Photo By Amy Carroll found via Pearls Events

If I do get my dream barnyard/rustic chic location, I may consider a loose, wildflower/freshly picked arrangement that compliments the scenery. I liked this one, but still-not completely sold.
all photos found via The Knot

The above board reflects my current vision. I definitely want the stems exposed and tied with a lush ribbon (color to be determined) like the one on the bottom left. I Love the rustic, wild flower look of the top left/bottom right bouquet. The roses in different sized blooms is just gorgeous, the only change I would make would be to have a few more open roses (like the ones in the top right corner). I have always been in love with garden roses (aka English roses) and will want those to be involved somehow. I love this look, but am still not positive I want to go all white. From Martha

It seems all good in theory, but can be less than impressive in photos since it gets lost next to your dress. I'd love a blush pink, or some sort of washed out hue with my bm's carrying a small nosegay of flowers in a more vibrant color-or maybe reverse that. Hmm?Photo: David's Bridal Banner

I LOVE these tiny BM arrangements. The beautiful garden roses are so fresh and look like they are from, well, a garden actually! I'm not so much into the greenery, but this is just enough to make the flowers pop against the dresses. I adore it!


  1. I'm doing a bouquet of all white tulips...I thought I'd want something really different but loved all the traditional stuff as well. For our flower girls we're doing small pomanders with ribbons so they are easy for them to hold.

  2. They are all beautiful, I really like that yellow bouquet!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful...