Monday, June 30, 2008


Can we bridge the great divide?
Photo: Brett Butterstein

My fabulous fiance is not the type to talk wedding colors, photographers, venues. He doesn't get it, would rather not talk about it, and doesn't understand why I would! So far it hasn't bothered me much because I realize I have plenty of time, and as he repeats over and over: I need to study. I do try to sneak in the occasional song, just to ask him what he thinks. I usually don't get much feedback.
So I took the hint, I haven't brought any wedding plans up in a while.

But last night: a breakthrough. He had gone to a BBQ while I studied all day and called on his way home to tell me that he and his buddies had made beer with a homemade brewing kit. "You can make your own labels online!" he told me, explaining the whole process. "That's awesome babe! We'll have to get one!" I responded. "Wouldn't it be cool to give our own beer as favors for the wedding? It could say Amy and Bret on it. And we might be able to put a picture too!" He sounded thrilled.
my home brewery image found here

I was floored. Not only was it a rather cute idea (DF works in the beer industry) but it was his idea, and to top it all off he was excited about it. I just grinned silently as he recapped the BBQ for me. I have no idea what the cost would be, or if it's feasible. But that's not really what mattered.

He's been bitten.


  1. I am waiting for that magic "thing" that will get That Groom excited about something, anything wedding related. Happy to know you found yours :)

  2. Stoked!! I love the idea of custom beer that you two made yourself. How fun!

  3. whatever it takes to get them involved, right? if you like the personalized label idea, check out this site. and click "beer"