Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm not really a DIY person. I'm just never satisfied with how my own works of art come out. But I think I might be able to swing these...

Photo: Daria Bishop
I love the little bucket of flowers hanging by a nail. Whoever painted this has some great handwriting, but even if it weren't so perfect I still think it'd be adorable.

photo: The Knot

I'm not planning on doing much for aisle decor. We are exchanging vows on top of a hill, surrounded by rolling hills and trees, so I don't want to disctract the view. But this would be so easy-and cheap! Get whole coffee beans from costco, some jars, and carnations! The wire hangers would be the most complicated, but with the right supplies it'd wouldn't be so bad!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Work has been crazy-a good crazy-but crazy. I am still pinching myself. I just cannot believe I am finally an attorney. I've gotten used to saying it now, and when clients call for me I try to sound as grown up as possible, but I've had a couple of old men ask me if I'm 19. I've always looked old for my age, but I understand their surprise when I walk through the door.

I've been doing great on WW. I'm so close to 10lbs lost and I really hope to be there by Monday. I've been traveling a lot for work which makes eating very difficult, but I've managed to make the best choices.

I'm almost done with our wedding website. I originally wanted to buy a domain and have Kate's husband make us a custom site. Kate's site was unbelievable and was even featured Brides magazine. But I knew I couldn't pay him what he would deserve for the time spent, so I started looking for pre-fab sites.

I found and loved the layout. I customized our colors, all of the graphics and changed a lot of things around. My favorite feature was the ability to upload multiple songs as background music. I also love the ability for guests to RSVP.

It's more than I wanted to spend ($100 for a year) so I'm still on the two-week trial period. I'm still debating whether it's worth it when I know there are free sites out there. Has anyone used wedshare? I've read mixed reviews online, so any feedback is welcome!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

WeWa Week: ?

So I've technically been on Weight Watchers for about 8 weeks, but I took a three week holiday hiatus (oh the shame!) and gained the lbs. (that I had quickly lost)-- back.

The good news: I have been completely back on track since NYE. I know, a whole day earlier than the rest of the world! I have been making mini goals almost every day and it's completely helping. WW is going great, but I've also been walking and working-out more than I have in months! It feels amazing and I finally feel like I'm back on a roll. I still need to re-lose a lot of what I gained back since my graduation, but I'm not looking back anymore. Only forward. So far I'm about 7lbs down! Not bad, but not great. I have a goal to lose 5 more by Valentine's day, and I know I can do it!

The WW website offers a 12 week "Buff Bride Challenge". I love a good challenge, so I plan on starting it next week. My arms need some serious work.

My new favorite discovery is that blockbuster online has workout DVDs to rent! I really do love working out at home, since it eliminates the whole, "I don't want to drive to the gym" excuse (a big one for me), and now that I can really switch it up, I also eliminate the, "I'm sick of this workout" excuse.

Anyone have any good recommendations?

Friday, January 16, 2009


I think Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming was meant to plan my wedding. I love every single thing she does.

Herbs. Candelabras. Oh I love this table!


Check out this venue. Oh yeah, it's in France. The draping reminds me of the draped rafters in our barn. I just love it!

Photos by Elizabeth Messina via: Project Wedding

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Dressed

I may have mentioned that I'm not looking forward to dress shopping. Since finding my dress is my next step in planning, I've been stalled. I'm not ready to put a dress on. I've been doing great with WW (will write about it soon). But I'm just not ready.

People are beginning to think that my hesitation towards dress shopping is somehow related to doubts about getting married. SO not so! I just have this vision of me struggling to find something to try on, not liking anything in my size and leaving feeling defeated. I know-whoa negativity-but it really is the way I feel. The absolute only part of my body that I am uncomfortable with is my arms. I know I can find a dress to show off my chest and waist, but I really do not want to wear a strapless at this point.

Believe me, I plan on losing some major poundage by October. I've been completely committed to a healthy lifestyle lately and have really been working hard. But I also know my body and I know my own insecurities.

Ok. So now that I've gotten that out, I want to share some great new dress finds. First, my fellow law school bride has tentatively decided on a NYE wedding night! I think it definitely suits their personality and will really set the tone for a fabulously glam wedding. I have a feeling she will go for a more traditional dress, but if anyone can pull off a sexy short wedding dress, it would be her!

Now, that's a bustle!

Melissa Sweet Gown via Pretty Bride

Love, love that neckline

Suzanne Neville via Brides UK

Absolute chic.

Carolina Herrera via Brides UK

Ok, so now for me. I'm still looking for either sleeves or a separate bolero.

Overall, I do not love the dress below. What I do like is the way the sleeves blend with the dress. I like the lace look and I love the neckline. Very flattering.
The high collar adds so much drama. If I do separates, I might just do two different looks with the same dress. A two jacket bride!

I love the covered back and the gorgeous pickups. Of course it's ML and I think the whole ensemble retails for about $7k. Ouch.

I have to admit that I haven't absolutely fallen for any dress I've seen in pictures. I know I'm going to have to see it on before I really start to see what works and want does not. I do have hope that once I slip into the satin and lace, I will feel better about the whole situation. I'm trying to pick a weekend to just go and then possibly plan a little trip with some of my girls.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daily Reminder

You'll never guess where I saw this:
Walmart online. Yep. While this one is pretty cute, I'm sure you could make your own and get it printed. I love the idea of displaying your vows as a rememberance and reminder of the promise you have made to one another. I could definitely see something like this in our bedroom.

These two frames from Target are also great ways to remind you of your wedding day, everday. Reading these vows has got me thinking about whether we are going to write our own. There's something beautiful about these traditional words, but I know there are some extra things I'd love to say. Another decision to make!