Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Ahead

Ask me anything! No really-anything. I l-o-v-e when other bloggers do this! I don't have any prizes to offer, just a little more insight into my life. I really appreciate all of your comments, tags and awards and I realize I have been neglectful in returning all that fun stuff. So I'm trying this out to make up for it...I'll reply as soon as we rack up a good group of questions.
Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Go Garter!

I saw this picture recently:
photo: Amy Carroll

And it inspired me to order these:

B is a huge SF sports fan and these happen to be his favorite teams. I found the garters at Etsy shop, Garters by Kristi . I didn't want four garters, so I convo'd Kristi and she refered me to her website, where I could order any garter separately. I ordered the "keepsake" (top) SF Giants without he pouf and the "toss" 49ers all for around $30 with shipping. No too bad. I started to think about having someone make them for me, but I think the $30 is worth not having to hassle with buying fabric, elasitc, ribbon and those cute little gold footballs and baseballs. I know B will love it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plan on It

I knew that if we did Save the Dates, I wanted them to incorporate a photo of us, and some sort of sticker. I love the idea of literally marking your calendar with a personalized label. I know most people use their phones as calendars these days, but I still use a paper calendar for work and at home. These are just too fun!

From Martha

Here's the blurb from Martha: Guests are sure to remember your wedding day if all they have to do is peel and stick a reminder to their calendars. You can personalize adhesive labels at home. Buy 1-inch round labels from an office-supply store, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to download and customize the template. Print labels with your date using a laser printer. Cut each sheet into rows of labels. Laser print note cards with a message to "save the date." Affix a row of labels to each note card with a glue stick.

A little DIY actioon from An Excited Bride

I need to get on these! I need to get on our engagement pics too!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Lovelies

Another installment of what's caught my eye.

Love these flowers. Fresh. Beautiful colors.
Ok. I'm sold on these nice, large dahlia bouts. I hope we can find them in a nice raspberry.

Ok. I'm in love with this response card. Enthused, country, adorable.

I LOVE the print on these napkins. I'm going to try to resist the extra expense, but these are so darn cute.

I've neglected to note the sources. If you recognize let me know...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wants vs. Needs

While B had lived in his home for a few years by the time I moved in, you would never have guessed it. The front living room was literally empty, the family room had a table, a love seat and the biggest laz-y-boy you've ever seen in your life. The kitchen was stocked with nice glassware, some hand-me-down plates, a set of mixing bowls and various mis-match pots and pans.
After about a month of dating, B asked me to make chocolate chip cookies for dessert one night. He directed me to the flour and sugar and grabbed a bag of Nestle chips from the freezer. I reached for a mixing bowl and got to work. Moments later I called to him, "Measuring cups?" he responded with, "just eyeball it" his round about way of saying he didn't own any, "ok," I laughed, "how about a mixer?" He came into the kitchen and handed me a hand cranked egg beater thingy. I think I injured my wrist. Somehow my cookies came out ok, albeit a little doughy (overestimated on the flour). The very next day I was buying measuring cups and spoons from the dollar spot at Target. I brought my handheld electric mixer from my apartment, and we were pretty much set.

Ouch! image

Once I moved in and brought my Ikea plates and small set of Corningware, our kitchen was adequately stocked for our needs. The pots and pans are a little on the cheap side, but I've made do, knowing that I would wait until we were able to register. Holding back from buying nice serving platters and better dishes has been really tough. I love me some Home Goods sprees, and I've really had to hold back. I wanted to make sure that we got what we wanted. And I know what I want.

In college, my roommate's mom not only had our apartment professionally decorated ( unbelievable), but she also stocked our kitchen with dream materials and instruments. Portmeirion, Crate and Barrel, Henckels knives and my favorite, All-Clad pots and pans. Since my roomie did not cook at all, they were mine all mine for three years. When I moved away, I missed my All-Clad every single day.

Portmeirion botanic roses collection. Image

I look at the prices now and my jaw hits the ground. I try to think if it's really worth it, and I just can't help but think that it is. I want my All-Clad. I don't know if I need an entire collection of Portmeirion, but I really think I need my All-Clad. Do I dare register for such an expensive set? I'm not sure who I would expect to buy it for me. But I keep coming back to the same phrase, "Do I register for something I don't want?" I know asking for gift cards is not exactly proper-but I'd feel pretty bad if someone bought me a $200 frying pan.

So B and I set out last Thursday to attend Macy's "Sip and Scan" Bridal registry event. Mocktails, a DJ and loads of registry consultants were there to make the evening easier. B got bored pretty quick, so we scanned some fun stuff and I came back the next day to finish us off. I did something I wasn't expecting. I did not register for China. I want useful things as wedding gifts. I want things that are going to make us happy. I have three sets of China available to me from my mom and grandma, so I figure I'm set. There were some beautiful sets, but nothing that I just had to have. I decided to register for a couple pieces of Portmeirion serveware, rather than the whole set of dishes.

Overall I tried to pick very simple, classic pieces. I'm worried there are not enough affordable items on our registry, so I'm keeping my eye out for smaller things for people to buy. I started a Williams-Sonoma registry online, but again-expensive! Is it not the weirdest feeling to create such a huge wish list?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Notification that You made my List!

Not sure why, but I've been slashing our guest list lately. Is it bad that I have zero problem eliminating? I am trying to focus on the people who really do care about us. I want to kiss my new husband, grab his hand, pause and look and see 100-120 familiar, loving, emotional faces. I just can't imagine turning to see a group of faces I've never seen before. We both realize that there may be some extended family, or out of state friends that one of us has not had the pleasure of meeting yet, but for the most part the "randoms" (as we've dubbed them) are not invited. It's not a snobbery thing, but more like a we're doing it our way thing.

photo: via Faye & Greer

photo: via Victoria With Roses

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about invites lately. I'm still completely head over heels in love with a simple, no graphic, calligraphied invite. I am also still in love with the sewn pocket idea. I am also now in love with a boxed invite.

I started thinking of how to combine all three. And I have a fourth idea. I want lavender to be incorporated in little details of our wedding. It wont be a theme or anything, I'm really just after that beautiful scent.
Boxed Invites via Mrs. Penguin

Here's what I'm picturing: A craft-colored box with a layer of dried lavender inside. Lying over the lavender is our invite, tucked away in it's fabric sleeve. A matching ribon is keeping all of the inserts together inside of the sleeve. One of the inserts instructs the invitee to make their own lavender scented sachet with the fabric sleeve, dried lavender and ribbon. Am I being hysterical in thinking that someone will actually do this? I have to say, I think I would love it, but it could be a giant waste...

photo: Save-on-Crafts

Materials needed: Paper for invite and insterts, Calligrapher (I have already hired a fabulous one), fabric, thread, sewing machine, ribon, lavender, box, labels. Postage. We will have about 65-75 invites at this point. Am I crazy?

**ok, ETA, I'm adding this up and it may be too costly. Calligraphy and sewn pockets are for sure. We'll have to see about the lavender...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Girls

I think I've finally settled on a bm dress idea. I just can't stop thinking about different colors for each bm. And I'm still stuck on the berry idea. I told the girls that I want knee length, fun, party dresses in various shades of berry pink and plum purple. They love the idea, but we're realizing how hard it's going to be. Just to keep me from going back to all navy dresses, I've been scouring the web for mis-matched bridesmaids. Take a look. It can be done my friends! Color inspiration. Love the shades in this bouquet.

photo: Stephanie Williams Photography

Yeah mismatched!

Very close to the color scheme I'm looking for. Not a fan of this dress or the fabric, but I love the varying colors.
Love this dress from Calypso. I love that smocked flower girl dress too...

Top 4 Photos: The Knot

I love how none of these girls are wearing bridesmaids dresses. This is what I want-just a fun dress!
photo: via Once Wed

Beautiful. Love those pops of color against the green grass.

photo: Casey Cunningham Photography
Now the real fun begins. Five bridesmaids, four different cities, two states. It's on!