Monday, November 17, 2008

Berry Board

I've played with polyvore in the past, but since I've been home all day with an awful cold, I decided to see if I could come up with something relevant. This is definitely a first draft, but I wanted to see what the berry colors looked like put together.

I chose these dresses mostly for their color, but also tried to pick the style based what I think will suit each bm. I am only planning on five bridesmaids, but I loved the color of that last dress. As for the shoes, if we do go for the mismatched dresses, I would love to do a uniform shoe. I think white and light pink florals with beautiful stems and leafs will also add a nice uniformity. If we go this route I'll carry white flowers with pops of the berry color to compliment their look.

I loved Jenna's comment on my other color post. I actually had an entire post written up about how I'm not going to have a color palette and how I'm so tired of people asking! It was a bit of a rant, so I decided not to post it, but needless to say, I'm not going for the matchy-matchy look. I do think it is a great idea and think it can be gorgeous, but I'm with Jenna in thinking it's easier for me to eliminate colors from the day than to commit to just three.

I'm still playing, who knows where we'll be months from now!


  1. i'm running into the same issues with colors (not really my issues, but what other people think issues haha). i honestly love the berry colors though, they look great together.

  2. I love the berry colors- delish! :) Don't ever think that you 'have' to do something regarding wedding planning. Everyone's making their own rules these days, don't feel pressured to fall into what 'they' say you 'should' do! It's been hard for me to learn this but it's bringing me alot more peace of mind! :) Non-matchy matchy all the way!

  3. I am still having my "palette", but will view it as "guidelines" rather than rules!

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  5. LOVE the colors..LOVE the ideas of all the various shades you love. what a wonderful idea!!

  6. LOVE these dresses and the colors. Berry will be soooo pretty out there in the country.

  7. i'm running into the same issues with colors

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