Saturday, November 1, 2008

Have Your Cake

I've had cake on the brain lately. I decided early on that it was going low on the totem pole. All I wanted was a delicious cake-I decided I didn't need any bells and whistles. I mean who wants a whistle on their cake? Here is an example of a bell and whistle cake. I actually find this one to be incredibly gorgeous and unique.
The Knot.

Then I get a call from Grams, my precious grandmother. "Amy, I want to pay for your cake." Hmmm, "But Grams, I'm not making a big production out of the cake, I already picked out a simple three tiered butter cream that I want. I know the bakery and everything." Long pause. "Well, I just don't want you to cheap out. I want good cake!". Yep. That's my grandma.

I'm thinking round. Simple butter cream color adorned with flowers. The bakery that I'm hoping to go with places the flowers themselves and does a really great job. I wish I could show you the examples, but the photos are on pictage and not cut and paste-able.

photo: the knot

I keep going back to the texture idea. When done well, it really adds a yummy look to the cake. But I've seen it go wrong.

photo: the knot

The fruit and leaves are SO gorgeous. I love the texture of this one as well. But Dear Baker, please remove the cardboard! Thanks...

photo: Terra Tabbytosavit

Make this one round and we have a winner. Gorgeous texture, beautiful flowers and amazing finishing touches. The candles and serving set are magnificent.

photo via: Style Me Pretty

So with Grams' help, I might add a fourth tier-but I don't know. I wished she lived closer so I could take her to a tasting at the baker's. I ended the conversation with, "Gram's when have I ever chinced out on anything relating to food?" She chuckled and said, "Never! I just want to help."

So sweet.


  1. OHHH... love the look of the last one. It's so simple yet elegant.

  2. Amy....
    Thank you so much for discovering our blog!

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    We hope you continue reading!!!
    Best of luck with your wedding!
    We hope you enjoyed your tasting at the Buckhorn!

    Best Wishes,

    A Savvy Event

  3. That is one cute story! What an awesome grandma you have. There is nothing better than great family members that just want to love you and be excited about all the choices you make and the ideas you have. I seriously have no hating/negative family members or friends on his side or mine and it makes everything so much more wonderful. If I did I am fairly certain I'd get very stressed out and end up eloping.

  4. Aw I love your Gran! You should definitely take her up on her offer, and I think that last cake is perfection. Yum.

  5. I LOVE the first cake. Probably the colors too :)

  6. Oh the last two are my favorites! Mmm cake!

  7. I like the last one, too, but I like square cakes! It's just a little different. However, the round cakes are stunning, too!