Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love of Lavender

Lavender must be very in right now beause I'm seeing it everywhere and am falling in love. Since B is a fan I thought it'd be fun to have it incorporated somehow. I'm loving all of these ideas!

Lavender seating cards.
From Martha

This amazing wedding, shot by Leigh Miller, incorporated dried lavender throughout the day. I'm loving this rustic look.

A great favor or a great alternative to throwing rose petals during the recessional.
From The Bride's Guide

A beautiful way to dress up the champagne toast. I've never tried it but I imagine it tastes good!
From: Martha

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  1. Wow, what a lovely idea. And I agree, the champagne toast with the lavendar probably tastes yummy!

    I have read a couple times that it is "required" to have a champagne toast. But I've never been to a wedding that had champagne toasts. Of course, there were toasts, but they were done with wine or whatever drink you happened to have (your choice from the bar). Is it an "American" requirement? Or is it just not "in" in my social circles? I have no idea.