Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making it Yours

I'm so excited to see that the homespun wedding is completely "in" right now. I'm gathering so many inspirational details lately! There's nothing quite like a wedding where the couple's personality really comes through. Kelly and Terrell's wedding is the perfect example. The day was shot flawlessly by Whitebox Weddings (so talented)! I had to share some of the great details!

Craft paper table covers? Oh yeah. How fun to see what little bursts of artistry your friends would leave. If not for all the tables, definitely a great kids table idea.

I'm loving the red buckets.

Oh no. I'm now completely smitten with the multiple cake table. This couple had been together nine years, so they had nine cakes! I love this idea! Our wedding is on our fourth anniversary. Four cakes?

Oh the sewn pocket for the invitations is incredible. I'm loving this idea more and more. The simple red heart motif is perfect. A nice, easy way to tie everything together. Is this wedding not amazing? This is exactly the feel I'd love to have on our day. Warm. Unique. Not over done.
The perfect meal for a cozy wedding. Gotta love that BBQ.

Thank you SO much to Whitebox Weddings for capturing these great detail shots, and for allowing me to share! There are so many more great details from this day, check them out here.


  1. i've been meaning to say thanks for checking out my blog! :-)

  2. thanks for stopping by our blog.

    about the craft paper table covers....i was so impressed with all of kelly and terrell's artistic friends. you would not believe some of the creations!

    best of luck with you planning, the barr, and your weight loss program. you can do it all! : ) go girl!

  3. Mmm ... those wedding cakes look delish!

  4. I had never heard of craft paper on the tables, what an awesome idea for the kids! For the cakes, I am still undecided too, I am really starting to like the idea of multiple cakes. I say go for the four cakes if that is what you are wanting!

  5. so so so so gorgeous! I will definitely have a kraft covered table for the kids filled with goodies to keep them out of their parents hair for the afternoon :) And the cakes, oh the cakes!

  6. oh wow! so many fun things! I love a personal wedding. Makes me want to plan another wedding (oh wait, I don't REALLY). Maybe I'll settle for a dinner party or something. :) Kelly

  7. I love love love this!!! the craft paper table covers are so fun! and the fabric that ties it all together- so sweet!

  8. those multiple cakes are adorable!

  9. This is fantastic! I love the paper on the tables and the buffet of cakes especially!