Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making It Yours, pt. II

While I do agree that there comes a point when you have to stop obsessing about every minute detail of your wedding day, there's just something about those small personal touches that really make a wedding memorable. I know people say that no one will remember the linens or the chairs, but I, as a bride, want to remember a few little things. A few little things that I thought about a little too much, a few little things that make the day more about us, and less about a wedding.

Have you ever seen a more darling bouquet (or photo for that matter)? I'm sure she will never forget it.

So simple. So sweet.

A couple after my own heart! I love the street name idea for table numbers. The groom photo-shoped two pictures together so that they would appear in front of select street names.

Can't get over the s'mores station. I love the thick, square marshmellows. Such a great setup. I'm sure this was not a budget buster, but I doubt anyone who attended will ever forget it!

All photos captured by the ever-so-talented, Terra Tabbytosavit


  1. I am all about photos on the tables! And that s'mores station is genius! Definitely something the guests will never forget.

  2. seriously, s'mores a a wedding would be the ultimate thing. No room in my budget for them (and s'mores at 1:00 in the afternoon... not as appealing) But boy do those look good.

  3. oh the smores! This is the second blog post I've seen today with smores! Makes a girl hungry for some marshmallow gooey goodness!

    I thought about doing a smores thing that I've done before at Christmas parties at our wedding where you have a bunch of votive candles, bowls of Golden Grahams, chocolate chips, toothpicks and mini marshmallows and people roast their own little smores over the candles. :)

    In the end though I decided the bride's cake, groom's cake, cherry, pecan, buttermilk and chocolate chip pies, cotton candy, gelato, fruit, cheese, family and friends dessert buffet and lollipop bar were enough. :)


  4. Okay, I want a smore bar now ... How can I fit that in? :)

  5. I can't believe how cute that bouquet is! How creative!

  6. I LOVE the s'mores idea. It totally doesn't work for our venue,etc. but I would ove to go to a wedding that had it!

  7. Oh I just love that s'mores idea. It is so cute and fun! I wonder if a fire pit is allowed at our venue...