Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am so excited about getting back to my healthier way of life. One thing that I think kept me on track with my first 50lbs were the array of vitamins and supplements that I took religiously. I know there have been many a argument that vitamins and supplements are not all they're cracked up to be, but on a personal level I do feel that they worked to my benefit.* I'm not a big pill popper, but these did become part of my routine.

First, through my journey to a healthier me, I started to recognize the importance of fiber in one's diet. From apples to steel cut oats, to Fiber One cereal, I've become somewhat of a fiber junkie. To ensure that I always had enough to keep me goin, I started to take Psyllium Husk Capsules. I would take about four per day and noticed a difference right away. I ran out of these and waited a while to re-order, and let me tell you, I noticed a difference almost immediately.

Next, I was (am) eating a very low fat diet and was told that I needed to supplement with oils, specifically Essential Fatty Acids. I also take four gelcaps a day and noticed a difference after about two weeks. My hair and nails were shiny, thicker and grew like crazy! My manicurist also noticed. She even asked me what I was taking because she couldn't believe the difference. I also think these make a big difference in my complexion.

B introduced me to Vitamin B-Complex. I'm still not exactly clear what the exact benefit is, he claims it gives him energy and boosts immunity. I also read it may speed up metabolism and promote health in general. So I signed on.

I am finishing off my Costco-brand multi vitamin and then I will try another. Quite a few have been recommended. I buy all of my vitamins online at The prices are pretty amazing, and with an online coupon code I've gotten free shipping almost every time. Pretty sweet deal!

Anyone else have vitamin/supplements they've found helpful?

*Of course I am not a health care professional and as with anything, consult your doctor before you begin a new health regimen.


  1. I'm on the fiber train right with ya! But I'll have to try the EFA's - I'm terrible at remembering supplements. I do take Prenatal vitamins, because I hear they do wonders for making hair shiny and lovely, which I need! Thanks for the tips :) Great blog, BTW.

  2. my personal trainer was a big advocate on the chromium piconallate. it's supposed to help burn fat and lazy metabolisms.