Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Lovelies

More beautiful Curtains! I also really love that garland. I think it's Eucalyptus. Gorgeous!

photo: inStyle

What a clever way to turn your centerpieces into favors. An even better way to avoid throwing away those precious florals.

photo: Martha Stewart

These are so gorgeous and look relatively easy to recreate. I also love that these can be reused.

photo: Sweet Paul
So happy it's Friday! I'm also happy that B and I don't have any big plans. I hope it rains!


  1. I love the idea of using a floral decor as favors; those lilies are so pretty... I might put this idea as the decor around the escort cards or the guest book with a sign inviting them to take a little bunch on their way home...

  2. I must find a way to use curtains unexpectedly in my home since I did not use curtains at my wedding. Oh the greatness of curtains! Kelly

  3. I love the last picture..with the candles in the pots... i need to use this idea!! So earthy..romantic!

  4. Well, count me in as smitten with all of these photos. My hunch is that I may not be able to incorporate curtains myself, but I am love love loving this idea. The centerpieces as favors idea is one I love...and the pots with the candles and greens are sensational. So rustic but chic at the same time.