Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making It Yours, pt III

When it comes down to it, people just want to feel included. Most people like feeling taken care of. I know, for myself, I enjoy it when I feel some sense of ownership in a project or event. I would really love to enlist our family and friends to help, but I'm trying to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone is going to want to cut flowers and arrange centerpieces the night before our wedding.
Irregardless of who lends a hand, my goal for our wedding is for every single guest to feel at home. I wish we could actually have a wedding at home, but since that was not feasible, we chose a home-y ranch in the hills. One of my bms attended this at-home wedding as a guest. She had never met the bride or groom, but like the good lil bm that she is, she took lots and lots of pictures. She said that this was hands down the best wedding she had ever been to. She was enthralled by every detail (this particular bm is not necessarily the type to be enthralled by a wedding). Basically she told me she would never forget it, and that was saying a lot seeing as she has no clue who they are. I'm so glad she sent me pictures, I told her she basically got a sneak peak of our day!

I love all of the flowers! I love that they are so random, so colorful and placed in such unique containers. I also love the wine barrel cocktail tables. T said the whole evening was incredibly relaxed and romantic. The wedding was in a backyard, the ceremony took place on a structure that was built over the pool while a dance floor on the grass provided a sturdy place to bust a move.

A small white row boat floated in the pool, loaded with bushels of florals.

So this was T's favorite detail of the entire evening. The couple had a few kegs of beer and an abundance of wine. Instead of unsightly keg cups, or small cocktail glasses, the favors were these old fashioned glass mugs. Each guest filled out their name on the adorable tag, attached, and enjoyed their frosty beer for the rest of the evening.

Because B works with several major beer companies, we have a great source for beer. I was thinking bottles, but everyone else has told me that kegs would be easier. Cups were a big question mark. But I LOVE these!

All photos by BM, T. This wedding took place in the LA/Long Beach area. While T remembered every single detail of the wedding, she could not remember their names off the top of her head. If you recognize it let me know, I'd love to see how the professional pictures turned out!


  1. awwww.. I agree with everything you said! Those are all the things I wanted people to feel about our wedding... From what people said, I'm pretty sure they did too! I know I could have had a more elaborate day, but after the wedding... I really just wanted everyone that they everything was beautiful in a simple way. LOVE the pics from this wedding too.. will you be posting more?

  2. These details are amazing! I love it all, the favors are perfect, the row boat filled with flowers is genius, and the wine barrel is an excellent touch to the home-y feel. She is a good BM indeed!

  3. I really like these mugs with the tags. It's a very cool look.

  4. I love the addition of just picture frames all over the place. That seemed to really give it a homey feel along with say little mementos that are important to the couple that you know are a part of their lives.