Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WeWa Week 1: -4

I thought WeWa was more fun than WW. No?

So..drumroll...I've lost four pounds-gone!
I definitely did not eat as great as I thought I would, but lo and behold, when I logged my points, I only went over one day. The rest of the days it was really difficult to eat my entire allotment.

I ran into a friend of a friend Friday night and hardly recognized her. She has lost 44lbs since July, and she looked incredible. She is a huge advocate of WeWa and told me (very sternly) that you must eat all of your points in order to lose! She has had a loss every single week since she started and I found her tips to be very inspirational. It's hard to argue with a skinny woman who used to be not so skinny.

I haven't been following TBL Families this season, but saw this article and could not believe the before and after. This couple reminded me of me and B-both of us have different porportions, but I bet we are around the same size as this couple (in the before pic). Check out the after shot! Amazing.


  1. It's such a hard fight I know so I am really impressed. I just started counting my calories again yesterday, I forgot how much better I feel when I do it!

  2. Way to go ... keep up the healthy changes!

  3. Oooo I am SO excited for you! 4lbs in a week is a fantastic start! Your friend is definitely right - getting in enough calories (or in your case points) is essential. I always have to fight that temptation to cut more calories to speed it up, because in reality if your body is undernourished it makes your metabolism slow almost to a halt...slow metabolisms = unhappy campers. At any rate, can't wait to see what the next week brings for you!

  4. Congrats! That is incredible. Keep it up!!

  5. four pounds is huge. That 14,000 calories worth of Huge! CONGRATS!