Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ready to Mingle

I love when couples meet at weddings. Just something romantic about meeting at someone else's most romantic day. But is there a more direct way to get the sparks to fly? I've heard a few different ideas. A friend had a bowl of pukka-shell bracelets that were offered to those who were "single and ready to mingle" it was a semi-subtle hint that certain guests may be looking for a dance etc.

I saw these buttons on the Simply Stated Blog and thought it was a cute idea. The buttons aren't exactly budget friendly, but I like the idea nonetheless. I'm not sure how I'd feel advertising my singledom. Some might find it a little forward and desperate, but maybe after a couple drinks...

These buttons are from Make'm Mingle (great name). They have a button for every type of relationship and it looks like they can customize. I think these would be a great idea for a shower or engagement party. You could spruce them up with naughty nicknames for the bachelorette party too!
I'm the second of my friends to marry but most of B's friends are already married with children. I can't quite see my girls wanted to brandish the single button, but for a bigger crowd of singles I think they'd be a great tool to facilitate some lovin'.


  1. These are definitley a cute idea, I had never heard of them before. The Make'm Mingle buttoms would certainly be conversation starters!

  2. Very cute! I wonder if they make anything sticky like the "Hello, I'm___" name tags too! That would be cute. Or everyone could write something clever on them :)

  3. fun idea! I have some friends who met at our other friends weddings and I can just remember all the times I hoped there would be a "cute guy" at the wedding I was attending. Kelly

  4. These are great. We have 100+ different buttons at our wedding and people picked what they wanted to be that day....