Monday, August 6, 2012

31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks Complete!! Very, very happy to be turning 32 today!

Size of Baby as Relative to Common Household Fruit or Vegetable: Baby is as heavy as a jicama and probably weighs about 3 3/4 lbs....well looks like our girl is tipping the scales. They estimated she was 4lbs last week...

Weight Gain:  The Drs scale was down to 23 lbs this week. I will take it :) 

Gender: Sweet little girl

Movement: Pretty consistent movements. Still gently little jabs to let me know she's in there. Her quarters are definitely getting tighter as her movements aren't as big. 

Sleep:  about the same. Sleep well once I'm asleep and comfy. My hips are usually sore when I wake up from all that side sleeping. 

What I miss: Sorry to beat a dead horse, and this is making me realize I might have a problem but I miss shopping and errands like nothing else!
Cravings: eating lots of nectarines, cherries and plums from local fruit stands. We even have one a couple blocks from our house now, too bad this mama is not allowed to walk there this year!

Symptoms: feeling large this week and I think I'm officially waddling. Achy hips and still some back pain here and there but overall not bad!
Best moment of the week: our glider and dresser arrived this week. The nursery is slowly coming together piece by piece. I finally picked out a fabric from our "new sew" crib skirt and got lots of baby laundry done. It's the best laundry there is!
Worst moment of the week: nothing notable this week, it was a good week. Still stressed about not working, but dr. appt is today and I'm hoping things are looking good enough for a couple days of work. 

I have to admit that reaching 29 weeks really took a load off my mind. At that point, even if she came, she would most likely live and we would have a child. Each week makes me feel even more confident. Unfortunately some news this morning just reminds me that there are not guarantees. A couple I graduated high school with announced today that they lost their daughter last month, at 33 weeks. There was no information given, but the comments make it sounded like she was still born. The news stopped me in my tracks and I am so devastated for them. This was their first and I know how excited they were for the baby. I am still just so sad, and can't help but think, "how could this happen?". I've been feeling like we are out of the woods, but there is no such thing. So this morning, as I celebrate starting my 32nd week, it's with a heavy and all too knowing heart. 

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