Friday, August 24, 2012

34 Week Appointment

Today was my last appointment with the perinatologist. I didn't realize this was the last one until the Dr. said so. Crazy!

Baby was measured via abdominal ultrasound and everything looks right on track. She was measuring about 5 pounds, 9oz. My fluids looked good and the Dr. could see the baby "practice breathing" on the screen which was pretty cute.

Although he had said there would be no cervical check, he decided to do one anyway. He said he couldn't get a good enough look abdominally. He measured and my cervix was nice and long with no visible funneling. I was surprised. I was prepared for him to tell me I was dilating a little.

He said I could return to work (I didn't admit that I'd been working once a week despite his instructions). He scheduled me for my cerclage removal on 9/6 and wished me well. It was so strange. I'm pretty sure he said something to the effect of, I'm done with you! It sounded much less harsh in his little French accent.
He said my regular OB would probably remove the stitch and my regular OB would deliver. I do love my OB, but I have so much trust in these specialists and really wish they could just see me through and deliver my baby. I've seen them so much more often, but I know I'm in good hands either way.

I'm definitely feeling more pregnant as of late and get worn out pretty easily. The summer heat certainly doesn't help. I did manage to install the car seat this morning before it got too hot. Car seats are kind of cumbersome, but I managed. It is pretty surreal to see a seat back there. I installed it in our SUV, which I don't currently drive every day, but it will be baby's primary mode of transport. I got an extra base for one of our other cars, we'll have to see how that all plays out. I also threw the Maclaren snap and go stroller in the back.

I'm working on our hospital bags, too. It feels like I don't have a ton of time left.

The nursery is still in a state of disarray,  I just need to figure out where I want everything. Part of me can't believe I'm still pregnant and part of me can't believe she could be here so soon. Feels amazing!


  1. How exciting!! I can't believe she's almost ready to be here. I'm sure you're a ball of nerves but it's going to be great and you'll have that little girl in your arms.
    My one tip for packing the hospital bag...don't over pack. I didn't watch any DVDs, never listened to music and when we had to move rooms after delivery to go to the maternity wing all that stuff we brought was a hassle. The one thing I did bring which I was so happy for was my own blanket that I sleep with at home. It was nice to have something light and mine with me. Happy 34weeks!!!

  2. Soo exciting!!! I always loved looking back that the carseat in the back before the baby was here. There was so much excitement and unknown. Such a fun time!!
    I would say, make sure to bring your own underwear and pants and nursing tank top. If you don't have a nurning tank top...Get one!! :) they are the best!! After I had my girls all I wanted to do was get out of the fish net undies they give you and that gown and put on my own clotes. And yea, DrayaAnn is right, hald the stuff you bring you don't ever touch!:)
    Soo exciting!! And awesome you get to go back to work...It should help the time pass if you are busy!! :)