Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Girl Mom

I've always been pretty girly. I grew up in a bright pink room, always had flowery bedding, wore lots of girly stuff, was into jewelry, makeup, etc etc. I loved baby dolls and barbies and always had them dressed up and hair done.  I've been pretty excited about all of the girl clothes. Many of my close friends have little boys, and while I always loved shopping for them, cute stuff for boys is just harder to find. The girls get all the love.

Someone asked recently if I will be doing bows and headbands. I probably looked at them like they were crazy, because of course the answer was YES! I stumbled upon a great local wholesaler who hooked me up with an insane amounts of headbands and flowers for hair clips. I'm so excited to have this amazing (and cheap) resource, pretty much right in my backyard.

I  picked up an order a couple weeks ago and got to work gluing the flowers to little clips so that I can interchange them on headbands and hats, and then one day actually put them in her hair (if she has any soon--I didn't get hair until I was over 3 years old!)

I plan on getting pro pics of our girl during her first year and beyond. I love all the beautiful headbands and sweet little diaper covers I see on all of these new babies! I ordered a diaper cover in baby girl's signature colors and can't wait to see her little butt all covered in ruffles.

I'm realizing not every mama is as into pink, ruffles and bows as I am. I have two friends who are expecting girls soon. One is pretty much anti-pink (blasphemy!) and I've recently learned that both of them aren't into bows...or ruffles. It's ok, I don't mind admitting that my baby will be decked out and at times looking obnoxiously girly. To me, it's just the joy of having a baby girl. Hopefully our girl will love being girly. And if not, I'll enjoy it while I can.

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  1. Okay, I'm copying and pasting the reply to your comment on my blog...LOL

    I'm going through a major schedule change (quit my job and started school) and I haven't been able to get blogging or reading blogs back into my schedule. I've been thinking of you almost daily and that's why I've logged in, to check your blog!

    Glad everything is going well and you will continue to be in my thoughts. =)