Monday, August 6, 2012

32 Week Appointment and NST Testing

Today I had my appointment at the perinates and also had my first antepartum, non stress test done at the hospital.

I saw Dr. V again. Cervix was measuring slightly better than last week, at about 1.75. I think his measurements were 1.73, 1.76 and 2.13. Still funneled which is a bummer, but I really just hoped things would not look any worse, so I'm happy.

He said this would be my last cervical length check. I asked him why and he really had no explanation, just that "well you are 32 weeks". I asked a couple different ways, but didn't really get a good response. He just kinda said at this point there's nothing else they can do. But my concern is my cerclage damaging my cervix or having an emergency situation. I thought we'd keep an eye on it until the cerclage came out, but he just shook his head. So I go back in two weeks just to measure the baby and fluids etc. I still don't get it, but I will research it and see what I can find.

My amniotic fluid looked normal today. It was measuring at 17 so that was good. I was a little worried as to why it would go down, but they said it's just evening out as they hoped it would. I don't know much about this issue so I'm taking their word for it.

As for my NST test, it was a good experience. The hospital was really crowded and I was informed upon arrival that several babies had just made their entrance and they were busy. I finally made my way to the antepartum testing area and was greeted by a nice older nurse who took good care of me. She was a hoot and was very enthusiastic about our baby girl. A heart rate monitor and a contraction monitor were strapped on my belly and we heard baby's heartbeat right away. I told her I'd had trouble feeling baby because of my anterior placenta. She explained how the test would work and got started.

We passed the test within the first 10 minutes of being strapped up to the monitors, but she said I had to be there a minimum of 20 minutes. So we chatted and she asked about our loss and was quite friendly. She asked if we had a name picked out and I explained that we weren't sharing. She said he son had done the same thing. As I was leaving she said we had a really healthy girl and she knew this baby was going to make it. She handed me some paperwork and said, "this baby is kick ass. That'st what I think you should name her." for an older gal she had some spunk. I told her I agreed, our baby is pretty kick ass!

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  1. So glad to hear baby girl is kicking ass. Thank you for keeping your blog updated, I literally check it everyday to see how you are doing. :)

    I'll have Tiffany send you a request to view her blog (it's private). But I'll also copy the pecan pie recipe and email it to you.