Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Wiggle from our Worm

Dear Baby,

Today, Daddy came with me for our 8 week appointment. He was a little uncomfortable in the exam room, and definitely wasn't expecting to see me get a vaginal ultrasound. Because it's still early, the Dr. doesn't rub the machine across my belly just yet. Once he was over the sight of it all, Dad came to my side and watched as the image of you appeared on the screen. I saw you, and your big flashing heartbeat right away. The Dr. let us listen to your heart for several minutes. It is now beating at 185 beats per minute! A nice strong heartbeat! We both couldn't peel our eyes away from the screen. The Dr. was so sweet and just let us stare for quite a while. Then, we saw you move! I let out a big "awwww" as I saw you wiggle on the screen. The Dr. was so glad we were able to see it, as it was really exciting for us. You still look like a little blob, but she showed us where your head was and where your little arms are starting to form.

We are still so excited. The Dr. has kept your due date at 12/5/11, but I'm hoping you come a little early. We can't wait to celebrate our next Christmas with a beautiful baby!

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