Thursday, July 21, 2011

I heart Snoogle!

I had trouble sleeping very early on. Both my mom and B's cousin had me utterly paranoid about sleeping on my tummy while pregnant. At about 12 weeks, it became physically uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach, so I was trying with all my might to sleep on my side. It was not working out very well. Every morning I would wake up flat on my tumtum.
I decided I needed a solution. The reviews led me to the "Snoogle". Since I"m 5'9, I was happy to hear it was long enough for me. I'd been trying to sleep with an arsenal of pillows lodged between my knees, my ankles, and under my belly. It was not working. At all.

So I "splurged" on a snoogle via amazon. It was much more pricey than I had anticipated, but I wanted a washable cover, so I went for it. I like that it can be used on both sides and basically prevents me from inadvertently rolling over onto my tummy while sleeping.

It is so worth it. Oh yea. Good purchase. AND! I just saw that it is easily used for nursing in bed, so that is a plus. I have to admit, I think I will continue to use it for a while!

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  1. I have a friend of mine how used this and loved it! Glad to hear it works for you! :)