Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On Not Drinking Alcohol

So...I've never considered myself a big drinker. College was college, but once I left, I definitely did not drink as much. B very rarely drinks at all, but I enjoy a cocktail, some wine and a large margarita here and there. Or so I thought.

As soon as I was preggers, I was so shocked at how weird it was not to be able to drink.

B's best friend and his wife live a few houses away from us and we started "wine fridays" a while back, where we would actually consume a ton of wine at eachother's houses and we'd get to walk home afterwards which was super fun. We didn't do it every Friday, but I have to admit, the first Friday that rolled around after our positive pregnancy test seemed empty without our get together.
Sangria at a bbq, beer at a baseball game, wine at a dinner out, margarita over tortilla chips...they all came my way within the first week of being preggers. Because I'm apparently an alcoholic, I had to tell a few friends right away as they would have definitely known once I turned down a glass of sangria! Wow, do I really never turn down a drink?!

The best part of all this is realizing now that I totally do not miss it. It was hard at first, but as long as I'm still part of the party--I really don't care if I have a drink. I love my friends and have such a great time, even without a cocktail in hand.

I've heard a glass of wine is ok later in pregnancy, but at this point I don't plan on indulging. I may change my tune towards the end, but for now, I'm impressed with the ease in transition from casual boozer to teatotaling mama!

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