Thursday, July 28, 2011

too cute to pass up

I've been doing my best to not go overboard and start buying our daughter a boat load of clothes. Of course my mom, brother, and great friend have already stocked her closet, but I myself hadn't bought anything until last week.

I was parked in mall parking while I did some work downtown and decided to peruse the mall a bit before heading home. I decided to look at babygap as they were advertising a big sale. I was just on my way out, empty handed when I saw this...

For any new readers, my husband and I have an English Bulldog whom we adore. I'd seen a few boy bulldog outfits, but none for girls! I didn't even look at the price before I went to the register. I just had to have it! Bulldogs with pink bows?! I was so excited. Turns out it was 40% off. Score!

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