Thursday, July 31, 2008

That's it...

I'm done with the bar exam. Day2 was brutal. 6 hours of multiple choice. I felt like was guessing on every single question. Not a good feeling. Today was ok. I thought I'd feel more excited to be done. Trying to let it all go, until I find out (Nov 21). Can you believe we have to wait that long? Sigh.

Anway-now it's time for guilt free wedding planning, a vacation and catching up on my neglected google reader!

Thanks for everyone's support!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 Hours of Law

One day down! I apologize to anyone who is annoyed with my personal posts regarding the bar, but it's such a big hurdle to wedding planning that I feel the need to post about it!

So day one was a mixed bag. The first three hours consisted of the usual 3 essays. There are 14 possible subjects (give or take depending on how you break them down). Today we got: Professional Responsibility (legal ethics basically), Con Law (super hard question about terrorism and the 4th amendment) and Contracts (not my favorite subject--and a super long 3rd question). I managed to stay calm and even though the second question was tough, I made it through and was typing up until time was called.
The "venue" is the Sacramento Convention Center. It is a huge, dungeon-like hall. There are probably just over a thousand of us in there. It's actually not as bad as I was anticipating. My seat is pretty decent, and they actually provide water in the back ( I was really nervous about not being able to bring water)


After a lunch break we came back for the performance test. It consisted of writing a memo to a supervising attorney with 4 cases and a client file. I felt so tired once we actually started the last three hours, but as soon as I started reading I found my zone. It's recommended that you get up and stretch your legs after 90min of reading the hefty client file and cases, but for some reason I just kept typing. I was so focused I literally couldn't stop. I've never had that experience in my life. I hope it means good things.

I came back to the hotel and heard about the earthquake that hit LA today. I cannot imagine experiencing a huge quake while trying to take the bar exam. Talk about distractions! While I've been through quite a few since I grew up in socal, I know how unnerving that feeling can be. Apparently, several centers were effected. Of course, people kept typing.
While I am SO glad I chose to stay in the hotel, I am less than impressed with the "Grand" Sheraton Sacramento. For the price I paid I was really expecting it to be nice. Nope. Let's just say that calling it a rip off would be an understatement. But it is right across the street from the test, and I got to come "home" during the lunch break, and at this point that is invaluable.
Ok, I just realized that I should probably not type anymore. Give myself a break. Tomorrow is multiple choice...
Thank you for the kind comments! I cannot wait to unleash full-blown wedding planning. I already have several posts lined up once this is all over. Get ready!

18 Hours of Law

Right now, it's actually Sunday at 4pm. I sit in my private study room in the library, papers scattered, books open, coffee, water, pens.....

But I'm scheduling this to post at 9am on Tuesday. Right now I am sitting before the bar exam, reading the first essay question. I probably have a huge knot in my stomach. I am probably holding my breath, probably clenching my jaw. I hope these thoughts transcend, and bring me the peace and focus I need to pass the hardest bar examination in the country:


You know you are capable of passing this test. You have spent 20 years dreaming of the day when you become an attorney. Don't allow stress, anxiety and outside influences (like the guy next to you who probably smells and is chomping on gum and shaking his leg) to come between you and the biggest dream you've ever had. Allow your mind to open, see the question and the facts. Let it speak to you. You can answer any question they ask you. You can do this. Breath. Think. The bar exam is not about excellence, it's about competence. And you are more than competent. Do this, do it so you never have to do it again!

Any positive thoughts, prayers, messages are welcome! The bar exam is three days long, 6 hours each day. I'll be staying downtown at a very nice hotel so that I don't have to fight traffic or put anyone on the road at risk since I am rather preoccupied.

It's been a long, difficult journey. It's time for all of the work to pay off.

Monday, July 14, 2008

i heart southern weddings!

I just won some iTunes bucks at the Mega Contest over at Southern Weddings. What a great way to start a day!

On that note...the bar studying is getting intense. I'll see you all on August 1st when it's ALL over and the real planning can begin! I can't wait.

Thanks again SW!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On the table

I think I have a good idea of what I want my tables to look like. Photo: Leigh Miller
I want simple florals in multiple vases/containers and candles+candles+candles
Table from my sorority sister's wedding. By Amanda Bevington modern photography

The following photos all depict the no-fuss florals I envision for our tables. While I'm less clear on the colors or the types of flowers, the volume and visual affect are clear in my head.
I definitely plan on rocking the mason jars! Photo: Leigh Miller

Love the wild flower feel. Photo via snippet & ink
I've been thinking of using a burlap on the table. I love the color and the texture it gives. Photo via The Bride's Cafe. Photo by BB Photography
Love the use of single flowers. Photo: Ritzy Bee
Gorgeous simplicity making a more modern statement. Photo via: The Bride's Cafe. Photographer: Mary Basnight
Beautiful blend of candles and single step florals. Photo By Anna Kuperberg

Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank You Fiancé, Thank You George

As soon as entered our home I could smell it. Rainbow chip. Fresh out of the oven. Still warm. Pre-frosting. He got it. He didn't confuse it with funfetti like in year one, he didn't wait to bake it until after dinner. My only birthday wish: fulfilled.

Randomly, my DF bakes the best cakes I have ever tasted in my entire life. Better than any baker, better than grandma (I almost feel bad typing that, but it's true). His secret? The George Foreman Roaster. It's large, we use it for nothing else, but it bakes one mean cake. I'm not sure when DF first tried to make a cake in it, but it was long before me because I was introduced to the deliciousness of the Foreman roaster cakes immediately upon move-in. Because it's so bulky we keep it in one of the hard to reach storage cabinets, but it made an apperance today for #25. If you happen to have access to a George Foreman Roaster, I urge you to bake a cake in it immeditately (it comes with a cake tray) you will not be dissapointed. And you can thank me later.
photos: amazon

Link Love

Following That Bride's lead, I decided to finally update my 'reader reads' section. I am constantly adding new blogs to my Google reader, and consistently failing to update my blogroll. Yay for blogger making it super easy with their new blog list function. I did have to watch the youtube tutorial to figure it out....

a s h l y n. d o n a t e l l i - I went to high school with Ashlyn and was so excited to find her blog. She has the sweetest engagement story and will be getting married this Sept and will also be starting her own event planning business in Southern California!

Amelia Lyon Photography- great photographer with a great blog!

Blue Eyed Bride- I love when I find a bride's blog and love it so much that I read the entire thing. Just found this one and love it!

Jacquline Photography- a local photog I recently came across. Love her boudoir ideas...

Jules Bianchi Photography- one of my faves

Nathaniel Thompson Photography- photographer in Santa Barbara. Love seeing people I know in his images!

Silver Pencils- love her style! And her dog's name...

sundrenched moments- adorable blog by a soon-to-be bride. Her colors are gorgeous!

Topanga Bay- another great bride with great ideas!

Quarter Century

I'm 25 today!
All I want for my birthday is this:

Rainbow Chip baby! Photo found on Flickr

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 12

So I'm half way through my 21 day challenge. I'll weigh myself again on Tuesday. My eating is definitely back in control, not where I'd like it to be, but better. I have, however been exercising. While I actually do like going to the gym, my schedule just doesn't permit the drive/shower time-so I've been making use of my home workout DVDs. Right after Christmas I purchased Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home DVD package from QVC. While she's a little quirky, it's the perfect medicine for me lately. It's easy enough to zone out a little and still follow along, but challenging enough to get the heart rate up and have me break a sweat before I start my day each morning.

Now that I've been through all of the DVDs, the 4-mile is my favorite. I usually only do 2 miles at a time since it's hard to find a full hour, but the pace is great and it goes by super fast. These DVDs are not for you crazy fitness pros, but for someone like me who is not so much into running, these DVDs have been just right.

Little Lovelies

Another installment of things that have caught my eye.

Succulents and candles=gorgeous. From Toasts and Tables
Check out the gingham fabric swatch and mini clothes pin! Invites from Grapevine

Love the design elements in this wedding. The program display, the candles. Of course it's by Colin Cowie. Photo by Laura Novak

I heart this apron. I can't remember where I found it.

I'm very picky about candy bars. Sometimes they just miss the mark. This one definitely does not! Check out the M&Ms. Fab. From Blue Eyed Bride

I can't wait to have some great shots like this with my girls. I miss them so much! I also really love the single flower. Is that one big peony? Anyone know? I love it! Photo from kelly moore photography

Another fabulous find from Brides UK. It's not something I would wear, but I just love it nonetheless. Very 50s, very chic with the gloves.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Say Yes to the [Sleeved] Dress!

I just saw that TLC's 'Say Yes to the Dress' will be starting up on July 15. I discovered the show last year during an all day marathon and was instantly hooked. From Claudia and Elise going at it, to the seriously strange dresses the brides+family gushed over, it was pure comedy.

In honor of this random plug, I thought I should post about my updated dress ideas.

Image in top left and top right corners: unknown source Top Row Middle Image from Knottie MrsPinkAJV aka Aletha of Pearls Events Second row: 1st Image: Mrs. Mek, 2nd image Sabine's Photography

The above board represents my 2-piece, sleeved favorites. They are lacy, the boleros can be removed and I'm loving them! The inconsistency lies with the bottom. I don't have a favorite style when it comes to the bottom. I'm more concerned with framing my chest/face nicely. The bottom will be determined once I try on. The only prerequisite is that I can seriously dance in it. DF and I can get down...

Manuel Mota Gown via BridesUK

Oh my, the above image seriously blew my mind. I found it while browsing the UK Brides (which made me miss it over there so bad! I love the Brits!). Wouldn't it look awesome with a long, sleek pony-tail? I fell for the lines, the sleeves and the neckline. Apparently they believe in sleeves across the pond! It was like a breath of fresh air. Nothing against the strapless gowned-brides, but goodness, a girl needs options! Below is the only strapless gown that I have found appealing. I never thought I'd go for a sweetheart neckline, but it really looks good on a busty bride (busty bride right here).

Sweetheart strapless via Knottie Bio Lovely24
Bio found via Pearl's Events
Dress: Fantastic Finds (Justin Alexander 8282 in Natural)

The below image was also found while browsing gowns from the UK. This one looks like something that could currently be hanging in my closet. The wrap look, low cut...very me. I wish it had some lace, but boy does it look comfy.

Juliet Poyser gown via Brides UK
This next one doesn't really remind me of myself at all, but I still found it to be so beautiful. Again, it's from the UK.

Image via Brides UK

These gowns give me hope that I will be able to find something that is both flattering and comfortable. So glad to see that sleeves are making a comeback.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Out with the old Navy?

Up until about two weeks ago I had it in my head that the BMs would wear tea length navy dresses. The problem with this decision was that it just wasn't working with my other ideas. I have seen quite a few navy bm's in recent real wedding photos and couldn't help but notice that they consistently looked either formal or nautical/preppy. That is not the look I'm going for. I really want my BMs to look great in their dresses and feel like they look great in their dresses. Part of the reason I liked navy was because it was dark and flattering.
Navy Maggy London from Nordstrom

Then, I saw photos of full length gowns in a beautiful shade of purple. I'm not sure what we are calling it. It has some gray to it, kind of a dusty lilac? Whatever it's called I love it. This Jenny Yoo was the closest I could find, although it's still a little too light and a little too lavender. Jenny Yoo Evelyn in Charmed Violet

While approximately zero out of five of my bms would look good in the DvF below, the color is gorgeous.

Diane von Furstenberg puff sleeve from Nordstrom

Then I saw this gorgeous bridal party. The dresses are much more of a plum, with a pink undertone but I absolutely love the way they look against the all black tuxes. I can completely picture our entire bridal party in this photo. Every single one of them would look great in these dresses/tuxes---and (wait for it) DF agreed!! I love the idea of all the gms in all black with black tie and DF with a white tie. I never thought I would like this but I definitely do.

Bridal Party from Perez Photoblog

So I browsed around to see what purples I could find in the mainstream bm market. Lo and behold good ol' David's Bridal just introduced their newest color: Lapis, aka purple. It is more of a jewel tone, but still very pretty and affordable. I feel like the purple idea has opened up so many possibilities.
Photo from: David's Bridal
I kind of had to chuckle, if DB was already up on the purple, it must really be popular right now. While I hate to follow trends, I can't help but love this new idea.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

With Sympathy

I was shocked to read one of my favorite blogger's extremely sad news today.

Sending Jessica Lynn lots of comfort and sympathy.

The Road to Love in Action

Check out more of this wedding on Snippet & Ink

So someone else had the magnificent idea of street named tables (see my original post here) for the reception. I actually really like these. The font and sizing is perfect and they fit in really well.
This is one of the little details that I'm most excited about. I don't think I'm going to change my mind either. It's just so personal and fun. I hope we have time to take pictures of ourselves at each street to add even more of a conversation piece.