Monday, April 9, 2012

14 Weeks!

Today, I finished my final day of my 14th week. The past three weeks have gone very fast.

How Far Along: 14!

Size of Baby as Relative to Common Household Fruit or Vegetable: A lovable lemon!

Total Weight Gain: Thankfully, still at 5lbs gained

Movement: I definitely felt my baby moving this week. It's a wonderful feeling that I have greatly missed. It's still not kicking movements, but it feels more like turning movements. They are still pretty slight, but I feel them mostly at night or after a larger meal.

Sleep: sleeping really well. Better than I remember with Bremy. I'm now getting up almost every night to use the restroom, but not every night :)

What I miss: I am still missing coffee more than I ever did with Bremy.

Cravings: so my cravings tend to last about a week. This week: Ocean Spray Cran-Grape juice. I could have eaten nothing and been completely satisfied with just juice. Since I have gestational diabetes again, I am really not supposed to be drinking this. So, I was limiting myself to about 1/2 a cup diluted with water. It just tasted so dang good. But, happily I have not bought any more. It's just not part of the GD diet!

Symptoms: My belly definitely popped out this week and a few people noticed. I have to admit it makes me so happy. I never really popped out with Bremy, until right before we lost her, so I never truly felt pregnant in public. As far as symptoms, I think I was definitely feeling more emotional and more hormonal this week. Tears would come from seemingly nowhere, and I found myself picking a fight with B for no reason. Luckily, he didn't take me seriously and he didn't even bother arguing with me, but I hate realizing after the fact that hormones are at play!

Best moment of the week: I had my first post-cerclage appt with the peri on Thursday. It was a very quick appointment. The u/s tech did all the baby measurements and Dr. came in to look at my cervix. They did a vaginal u/s and he showed me where the cerclage was. I had zero idea what i was looking at. He kept smiling and saying that everything looked great and he couldn't be more pleased. I asked him what could have potentially gone wrong at this point, and he said that sometimes the cervix begins opening above the cerclage and so far my cervix was cooperating. It was really great to hear, and great to know baby was progressing well. Baby's heartbeat was about 155.

Worst moment of the week: For about four days after the cerclage, my anxiety was really high. I just didn't know what to look for, what to feel or what to think was worrisome. I had some mucousy discharge the Monday after the surgery, and I just didn't know if it was normal. My appt really calmed my nerves, and I finally feel like I am accepting my lack of control in this situation. I just have to try to enjoy this pregnancy and not worry so much. So, since the appointment, I've been feeling really good. I see the perinate in two weeks, so hopefully things stay quiet until then.


  1. love your bump! so happy things are going well for you.

  2. Love the bump, you've definitely popped! Glad to hear things are going great :)