Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear baby,

You are just so sweet I can't put it into words. You always look so precious on the ultrasound screen. You move, but always in a graceful way. Last week, you had your knees crossed. I think you will be my little lady.

I'm sure you can sense my stress lately. I'm trying so hard to stay calm for you. I started feeling your weight this week and that heaviness is making me paranoid that my cervix is dilating like it did last time. Luckily we were able to see the Dr. today and everything still looks quiet.

I made the appointment last minute. The Dr. told me to call if I was feeling pressure, so I did and she squeezed us in. Daddy surprised us and showed up at the appointment. I didn't want him to have to miss work but there he was in the parking lot as I pulled up. Having him there always makes me feel better. Dr. let us see you which is always a treat. You just look like the most peaceful baby.

After my appointment, I was able to buy a couple things for you. My head tells me I should wait, but my heart wants to start preparing for you. I found two really adorable outfits. A rosette sleeper and a little onesie with elephants on it. Your Great-Grams collected elephants and I know she would have loved this outfit. Looking at all of the girl clothes is absolutely the best. I can't wait to dress you up. Hopefully you love all things girly just like me.
your current closet...

We are starting to brainstorm names for you, little one. I have a running list and will mention them to Daddy here and there. He's pretty picky. He has been a little impatient with me and all of my name shouting. He finally asked me to stop. He's having a hard time, he's so worried after what we went through last time and I am too, but baby names is my favorite part. We will wait a while before we officially name you. There's no rush, I know you will have the perfect name.

I'm trying with all of my might to be positive and optimistic. I picture you in my arms. I picture you being born, nice and chubby and healthy. I picture that moment between you, your daddy and me and it always brings me to tears. I just hope that it's a beautiful experience for all of us.

Stay cooking little one. I'm going to do my best to keep you right where you need to be.

All of my love,

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