Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This time last year...

At this time last year, I was 6 weeks pregnant with Bremy, and we were prepping for a vacation with B's family to British Columbia. I was 14 weeks by the time we left, and for the most part I was feeling great. Bremy was the focal point of that trip. We talked about her the whole time, even though we still didn't know she was a girl. We talked baby names with B's grandma, bought her a Christmas ornament at a gift shop and took photographs, where I tried to highlight my belly, even though I had no baby bump yet. It was a very welcome two week vacation to somewhere we'd never been. B and I spent a lot of great quality time together taking in the sights, and breaking away from the group to go on our own adventures.
passing under the Golden Gate Bridge on our cruise trip was so fun

Our favorite off-ship adventure was whale watching in Victoria. We had a great boat and captain and it was super fun. We saw lots of Orkas, but my absolute favorite was spotting a humpback on our way back in. It was a rare sighting for that spot, and they were just mesmerizing. This is my favorite picture from that excursion.

Enjoying a movie on the deck of the ship. It was freezing, but we were bundled up!

I'm not sure why I never blogged about the trip, but I came across some photos and wanted to document it here. It was a very, very happy time in our life. I'm working on being more at ease than I am right now, during this pregnancy. Looking at these pictures makes me want to let go and enjoy this time even more.

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