Thursday, May 17, 2012

20 Week Appointment

I was very anxious for this appointment. It'd been two weeks since I'd been seen by anyone, and I was starting to worry. I had no real reason to, I feel fine and have been taking it easy, but as we approach the time where my cervix inexplicably dilated last time, it's so hard not to doubt that things are ok.

Today I had a quick appointment with one of the perinatologists,  Dr. M. She has won me over, even though she's a little clinical. She genuinely seems to care and also seems confident in what she is doing. I told the office, after my 18 week disaster of an appointment,  I never want to see Dr. C again.

Baby was flipped today. Head down, face down. Heartbeat was about 144. She was moving around. I told the Dr. that I wasn't feeling her much and that she would worry me for a couple days. The Dr. told me that because my placenta was positioned a certain way, it might be more difficult to feel her movements. That made so much sense to me. It made me feel better to know there was a logical explanation. And that I needn't worry.

My cervix is holding strong. The length is measuring a little over 4cm and cerclage looks good. I let out a huge sigh when she told me. When they put the u/s on my cervix I might as well be looking at a Chinese algebra problem. I have zero idea what they are looking at. So I just sit there until they measure and then I can read the number. It was a huge relief to hear things still look good.

The Dr. agreed that I could come in every week for quick cervix checks for the next month. That was a huge relief, as I don't think I could go another two weeks.

Last time, my cervix shortened and dilated between my 20 week and 22 week appointment, so the next few weeks are going to be nerve wracking, but I'm confident in these Dr.s and confident that this cerclage is doing it's job!


  1. Great news! I'll be thinking of you these next two weeks and wishing you lots of peace of mind :)

  2. So glad to hear this appointment went well. I know the next few weeks will be nerve wracking, but you'll fly through those days perfectly! You're doing so great!

  3. Amy I am so glad to hear that things are going well so far!! I have been thinking about you!! I know the next few weeks will be stressful but hang in there! I hope they fly by! :) Keep us posted! :)