Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Baby Stuff

I had a couple registries going right before we lost Bremy last year. In fact, I found out I was on strict bed rest just four days before my first baby shower in Southern California. So, I never had one. Probably a good thing, seeing as every little baby item just sent me to tears after we lost our daughter. Luckily, we only had a few items in my house and my mother in law swiftly removed them before I returned from the hospital.

Just a couple weeks ago, I agreed to collect these items from her home where she'd been storing them for us. Since we are conveinently having another girl, we can make use of all of the gifts and purchases we had made.

My mom, brother and I did a lot of craigslist shopping in the weeks before Bremy's loss. Since we live in three different cities, it was nice to scour CL for exactly what I wanted.

Here's what I have so far:

Maclaren easy traveller

I knew I wanted an easy, lightweight option for the infant stage and this fit the bill. Maclaren boasts better height, and since I'm tall and hubby is taller, this was perfect. I think my brother got it for $30!

Bumbo with tray-my mom found this brand new on CL in Aqua

Cart cover- another brand new CL find. It's a black and white damask for $5

Boppy newborn- another brand new find. I think it was $15

BUT, I know there are a ton of things I still need and I'd LOVE for you to leave your best rec's in the comments for me. I haven't bought a thing without a recommendation from a mom. So let me know what stuff I need!


  1. Hi Amy!! Good to hear from you :) if you are considering the Uppababy vista stroller, I can't recommend it enough!! I've used it so much already. I love the bassinet. Logan slept in it by our bed for the first few weeks and she would have stayed in it had my neighbor not lent me a beautiful wicker bassinet from pottery barn. ;) it's great for walks and is easy to handle. I can't say enough great things about it! The huge basket is amazing and irs really overall been the best stroller. Let me know if you need tips on anything else! I may write a post about all this stuff soon...:). Oh another MUST is the cooshee changer pad. It's worth every penny and you can find it on amazon if they aren't sold out. Trust me on that one! It's been awesome.

  2. Thanks Kendall! I'm so excited that you love the uppababy stroller. It's still my first pick for a stroller system. Yes, please do write a post. And I can't find the cooshee anywhere! You are not the first person to recommend it. I hope I can find one before baby girl gets here!
    Thanks again for your quick reply!

  3. Hi again :) not sure if you know what carseat you're getting yet but we have the chicco brand and really like it. Also just this week we borrowed a vibrating chair from my neighbor and Logan loves it. I really wish I had it sooner! If you're going to breast feed, I recommend both the Brest friend and the boppy pillows. I have both and keep one upstairs and one downstairs. I also recommend the Medela breast pump. Im going to be a stay at home mom and wasn't sure if I would need such a nice pump but it's been worth every penny. It's easy to use and gets the job done! There is so much more I could write but I gotta run. I'll try to write a post on my blog soon. Take care!

  4. I have a few things that I really liked and found helpful for us. Old school cloth diapers are the BEST burp rags around. I know lots are cute and all but they didn't do it for us. Jackson was a super spitter upper so we went through 3 a day some days. They sell packs at babies r us or buy buy baby for like 11 of them for $10.
    The Medela breast pump was great...I bought mine off a friend for $100, which is a crazy good deal since they normally are around $400 for the double pump and all the attachments. Sometimes you can find people selling them, and I'd do that if you can find one. If you are going to bottle feed, we really loved the Playtex air flow bottles. Lots of parts to them, but they are inexpensive and work so well, especially for helping reduce gas. My Breast Friend is an awesome help as well if you're nursing...the boppy was not good for me because I'm heavier than the average woman, and the boppy didn't fit around me that well. If you do formula, the most helpful for us was the Dr. Browns formula mixer. You can mix up a days worth and then just pour what you need as you go, instead of making the bottles every time. We'd just heat them up in a bottle warmer and be good to go. It's very helpful in saving time and making it easier for you, since it's already made.
    I'm sure I have a lot more, but my mind is blank currently. Email me if you want to know anything

  5. First of all, congratulations Amy! I definitely understand the first time mom madness of getting baby stuff but also remember to separate the actual NEEDS from the WANTS b/c it's so easy to get out of control. Anyway, a few of my faves & must haves include a Boppy (excellent for feeding time and a "take anywhere" infant seat), a play/activity mat (love Baby Einstein) and my Beba Baby Cook (making your own baby food is fast, easy and super affordable). Dr. Brown's bottles are awesome but cleaning all the parts gets old after a few months. Tommie Tippee is also very good and faster/easier to clean.

    There's definitely tried and true items that are universally loved by most parents BUT so many decisions are personal. Just know you will have hits and misses. That's what CL is for!

  6. Congrats Amy!!! I wanted to reinforce some of the things these girls have been suggesting. I LOVE my Medella breast pump. I have the hands-free one that is portable and battery operated. I bought it brand new. Then about 8 months down the road the battery wouldn't hold a charge. So I called the company to get a replacement battery and they sent me an entirely brand new pump for FREE! Bag, accessories and ALL! I was floored!!! Plus they shipped it express and I got it by the next afternoon.

    Second, I LOVE our monitor. We have Summer baby touch digital baby monitor. Pricey but we love it. Especially because newborns groan and moan at night and this allowed me to see if my daughter was OK without having to get up. We still use it!!!

    If I think of more I will post it. Happy Shopping!