Friday, May 25, 2012

21 Week Appointment

GOOD news to report! I saw the perinate (my favorite male dr who performed my cerclage) this morning and all is well. Cervix is still nice and long, measuring at over 4cm. I was so relieved. Baby is now back to breach position and is looking adorable as ever.

I did mention to the Dr. that I was a little worried I had again developed bacterial vaginosis, as I'd been having similar symptoms. He was slightly flippant about it and wasn't really calming my nerves. He explained that if I keep taking antibiotics, I'll probably develop a yeast infection which is something they don't want. He was happy to hear I'd already scheduled another appointment for next week and said they'd reevaluate then. I asked him point blank if leaving this untreated would cause my cervix to open and he shook his head, no. I'm a little confused and slightly concerned, but I trust that this guy knows what he's doing so I'm trying not to let it bug me.

I see the office again next Friday but could only get in with a Dr. I've never seen before. I wish I could see the same Dr. every time, but this was the trade off to squeezing in weekly appointments.

Thanks for all of your concern and kind words. I'm feeling so much better and ready to enjoy a long weekend :)


  1. Hi Amy,

    Your post made my day! I was thinking of you all day yesterday and this happy to hear all is well! Take some time to relax and enjoy your hubby and the long weekend - you deserve it!


  2. Hooray for good news! I hope you get lots of rest, relaxation, and happy baby vibes this weekend. You deserve it!

  3. Glad to hear this!! Have a fun weekend :)