Thursday, May 3, 2012

18 Week Appointment

Today I had a check in with my perniatologist. This time, I didn't realize I was scheduled to see the same Dr. who originally told me about my cervical incompetence. She had caught it at my appointment with Bremy. I really did not like her, and of course I did not like her news for me back then.

My heart sunk when I saw her this time. She checked my cervix and told me everything looked great. Cerclage was in place. Cervix was measuring a little over 4cm. She then went on to measure the baby. She measured the head, looked at the brain, etc etc. She kept saying "great" after each measurement. I asked a lot of questions and I could tell she was getting a little annoyed, but was trying her best not to show it. She finally asked me where I was getting all these questions from. I just told her I'd read a lot about complications of all kinds and also knew what she was looking for as far as anatomy. I wasn't questioning what she was doing, just double checking that the heart was doing such and such and the brain looked like such and such. She confirmed that everything checked out.

These measurements took a long time. I was really enjoying watching my daughter on the screen. She is so peaceful and graceful. When she moves, it's very fluid and kind of slow. Much different than last time.

But I felt like she didn't look right. It's hard to judge because each u/s machine is different, and the Dr's all come in at different angles. I didn't want to keep asking questions, but I did anyway. I asked her if something was wrong with my uterus? It looked like a funny shape and looked like there was not enough room for the baby.

She said she would check for any malformations. She asked twice if anyone had ever told me something was wrong with my uterus. No, I replied. Never. She agreed with me, however that the baby was really scrunched up and was not utilizing the entire uterus and she wasn't sure why.

She then said that she was very glad I'd had my amnio to rule out any issues, because otherwise she'd be very concerned that baby's limbs were measuring too short.

"I never had an amnio" I replied.

She began flipping through my chart.

"I never had that done. Ever!"

She said, "well I thought you did since you know the sex of the baby?"

I said, "No. What do you mean the limbs are too short?"

"Well how tall are you?"


"And your husband?"


"Hmmm. Yeah, those limbs are measuring short."

My mind was racing. I tried to make sense of it. I have short legs but really long arms.

"Are both arms and legs short?"


She then took some facial measurements. I knew what she was looking for and my heart just pounded so hard I could hear it.

She was happy with the facial anatomy.

Just then, the baby stretched out and everything looked more normal to me

"Oh, there we go" she said, "baby finally stretched out and took up the whole uterus. Since you just went to the bathroom, it's called a ???? [can't remember] contraction and it's normal"

"uhhhh, ok?"

"See how everything looks more normal now that she's not scrunched up?"

"YES!" everything looked ok to me now. After a million ultrasounds I feel like I kind of know what to look for.

"Ok, let me remeasure these limbs. Oh, look your baby grew by a week" insert annoying nervous honk like laugh.

"So she's normal? Limbs are normal"

"Oh yeah, everything is prefect"

"Thanks for the ten minute heart attack you freaking idiot!"--------ok so this was an internal thought :)

She took several other measurements and everything else checked out "perfectly". Baby was actually measuring about 2 days ahead, which she said is right on track for a baby coming from two taller parents.

I took a huge breath and got dressed. This woman drives me insane, but I was so glad the final result was a good one. Now I wait two weeks to go back. It's going to be a long two weeks. As I get closer to the week/day that we lost Bremy, I get more anxious. I cannot wait to get past that day and get beyond 24 weeks. I will do my best to NOT see this Dr. again!


  1. Oh my gosh! That sounds to me like such a terrible interaction. How can she be so insensitive- to anyone, but especially given your history? I'd be fuming and I'd make sure I never saw that doctor again! You are the patient, the consumer, the "customer"....don't stand for that crap! So glad you were reassured in the end and got to see your baby girl :)

  2. OMG, Amy - you cannot see her again!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank goodness you pushed for answers and kept her checking! So glad baby girl looks great!