Friday, May 4, 2012


Once we heard our baby was indeed a girl, one of the first things we said to each other was, "How will we pick a name?" Last time, we'd had Bremy in our back pocket, and once we started saying it, it just felt like it fit. Now, we both almost wish we wouldn't have named her that, because we still love it so much. For a split second, we thought about also naming this baby Bremy. But I just can't. Bremy is Bremy and I don't want to dismiss her or replace her. But, any "normal" names now just don't seem to compare. It was a made up name, with both of our names in it. How can Jane or Mary compare to Bremy?

Part of me wonders if I will have a million nicknames for our baby. I hardly ever call our dog by his actual name. He's Coco, Bubby, Bubba, Mommy (yes), Baby doggy, Baby angel doggy, my little angel, Sugar...there are more but I'll stop there.

I do have a list of about 3 names that B has not exactly said "No" to, but he's not in love with them either. One is a front runner, but I'm testing it out because it's not my usual style. I typically go for names that end in a "Y" or "-ie" sound. Or a name that can be shortened to that sound.

One thing we've decided 100% is that we will not be sharing our baby's name prior to her arrival. While most people came around and ended up liking Bremy, there were a few who weren't shy about suggesting other names even after we'd told them our baby would be Bremy Belle. It was annoying, particularly to B, so we've made that decision clear.

I'm so excited to think about it, and come up with our new baby's name!

****ETA: Oh my goodness. Since writing this post we have a name and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's somewhat unique, but definitely classic and a name everyone knows. I'm a little possessive and really hope that she is the only one we know with this name, but it does look like it's climbing the popularity charts-boo! It's ok, I love it and the nickname that comes with! I don't know how I will keep it a secret!*****


  1. Congrats on choosing a name... it is so hard! I agree with you 100% on not telling the name ahead of time... we heard WAY too many opinions and ended up changing our minds when we started telling our ideas. Can't wait to hear what you've chosen :)

  2. Can't wait to hear as well. We got a ton of "opinions" about our final choice but just ignored everyone. We love our little gals name so much. When you know, you know ;)