Monday, June 4, 2012

22 Weeks!

How Far Along: Week 22 is done!

Size of Baby as Relative to Common Household Fruit or Vegetable: Baby is the length of a spaghetti squash, about 11 inches. My ultrasound estimated baby is a little over 1lb
Weight Gain: I only get weight once per month. I really hope I can hold steady at 14lbs gained
Gender: BABY GIRL!!!!!

Movement: Lots of movement this week, especially when I lay down.  Lots of Kicks and turns. I can usually tell where her little head is. <----is this normal? I felt this last time with Bremy, and now I'm wondering if it's her head I'm feeling or some type of contraction??
Sleep: I've been sleeping well. Still up at least twice per night to the bathroom 
What I miss: Baths! I'm a big bath taker and it's on the "don't do" list for cerclage patients. It's all I want to do these days! Dr. has now forbidden errands, shopping, etc. I'm definitely going to miss my independence there. 
Cravings: Summer fruits, candy, bacon and avocado. The bacon is weird, I never eat it and I'm not really supposed to have it while pregnant. 

Symptoms: Pain in my lower right side, some soreness in my hips and belly region. 
Best moment of the week: Officially making it through this week with no real problems. Celebrating my first victory over last pregnancy. 
Worst moment of the week: The anxiety is really horrible.
It's another count down to my Dr. visit on Wednesday!

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  1. So thrilled to hear things are going well! Keep up the good work, Mama.