Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear Baby,

Hi baby girl! It's been a while since I've wrote to you, but of course I talk to you every day all day long. With each day I grow more hopeful that you will thrive and be a healthy, happy baby. I'm more attached to you than ever and love you more and more as the weeks go by.

Yesterday, we had a good appointment. Things appear to be holding steady for now, which was really good to hear. The tech took your growth measurements and everything looked good! Most of your measurements were coming in at around 28 weeks, but they assured us it was ok as daddy and I are on the taller/bigger side. Your legs were especially long, you get those from your daddy. They estimated that you are about 2lbs 3ounces. I'm glad you are big and strong but I hope you don't get TOO big :) although with everything we've gone through, that would be a good problem to have, in my eyes.

You have gotten so much more active in the last month. Kicking me SO hard. Lots of jarring, shaking movements too. You were head down yesterday and gave a big yawn for us on the screen. I know I'm so incredibly lucky to be able to see you every single week. It's such a treat. We have quite the photo collection of you now.

We officially broke ground on your nursery today! I've known how I wanted your nursery to look since I was pregnant with your sister and it was really exciting to get started. The paint was a little bit of an ordeal. Your grandma offered to do the job for us as I'm out of commission and daddy is not too excited about changing the room from the tan color it is now. So I chose a light aqua color and grandma got to work. She called me in the room to have me look at the swatches on the wall and it was a big surprise. Not aqua. But an ice blue. Barely even blue. Oh no, not the look we were going for. So after a lot of hemming and hawing grandma trucked it to the hardware store and had them darken the paint up a bit. The result was a really pretty aqua with a little more pigment. It's really pretty but a little bright. Grandma got about half way done with the room, so there's no going back. I think once all of your white furniture is in there, it will look a little less electric!

Your crib is here just waiting to be assembled by daddy. I have a glider picked out (we've yet to pull the trigger on it) and grandma purchased a dresser that is being refinished and painted white!

One thing about me, once I have a vision for something, no one can talk me out of it. I've wanted this nursery for so long and I know exactly what I want it to look and feel like. The crib bedding is proving to be a difficult task, as the vision I have in my head is not as easy to create as I was thinking it'd be. Hopefully we can come up with something that closely resembles the picture in my head. I was the same way with our wedding and with the house we just remodeled and I know I can get creative to achieve the look I want. Yes, your mom is a little neurotic sometimes! You'll get used to it.

You seem to be enjoying my "almost" bed rest. I've had time off this week so we've been lounging. Listening to music, obsessing about crib fabrics and searching for deals on baby gear. It's kinda fun, but I'm sure we'll get bored here soon.

As we progress in the pregnancy, we've been using your name more and more. I was starting to question your name a few weeks ago, wondering if it was really the right name, but now as I say it more, it most definitely is. The sound of it is just so pretty. Your nickname is pretty popular though, I've been hearing it everywhere it seems!

We love you little girl and are doing everything we can to make sure you are safe and sound!


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