Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Things

I had my first therapy session today. I liked it. It gave me some hope that I can get in control of my thoughts and emotions. I'm not sure how much I'll write about it here, but right now I'm working on more positive thoughts and more control.

Yesterday I ordered my groceries online. They were then delivered to my home and placed nicely on my kitchen counter so I didn't have to shop, load, unload and lift things onto the counter. It was amazing. I think I might do it forever!

I also scheduled a housekeeper to come tomorrow. It's actually someone we know who has her own business. We moved at the beginning of the year and I'd gone without in an effort to save money, but I know myself and I don't want to jeopardize this baby because I can't stand a dirty floor. B has been really helpful, but it's hard to keep up, so we decided it was time. I'm looking forward to it!

The Dr. called to tell me my culture came back negative for the BV infection I thought I had. That's a good thing in that I do not have an infection and also don't have to choose whether or not to treat it. But I'm curious as to why I'm having some symptoms. But, I'll talk to him about it tomorrow.

I've been feeling good. No pressure or pains lately. I felt some slight cramps today while driving, but they haven't returned so I'm hoping it meant nothing.

Really hoping I have good news to report tomorrow!


  1. So happy you had a good experience with the therapist. I think talking to someone who isn't emotionally involved will help you gain some perspective. You're doing great and it's so hard not to let those fears take over, but it sounds like you're on a good track to putting those fears aside and move forward.

  2. Talking to a therapist is so beneficial, especially when you become overwhelmed with anxiety. It's a hard to walk the line between controlling those hopeless thoughts for the future of this pregnancy compared with the traumatic experiences from the last one. Lots of support and positive thoughts from So Cal.