Wednesday, June 27, 2012

26 Week Appointment

Today was my appointment. And I think it's safe to say, it was a good one. Three measurements were taken of my cervix. We got: 2.6 2.5 and 2.73. So, slightly better than last week. The funneling was also down a lot.  They said it was hardly noticeable. I was hoping things had not gotten worse, so I'm really thrilled with how things looked.

I hadn't seen this Dr. in a while. He put in my cerclage around 14 weeks and I think I'd only seen him twice since then. He seemed a little rushed, but he answered all of my questions. Last week, Dr. M told me to do as little as possible but it was ok to work a few days a week, which is what I've been doing. Today, Dr. G agreed it was ok to stick to that plan. . Working has really helped me keep my sanity as it completely takes my mind off of everything and is just enough activity to keep me on somewhat of a schedule and not just loafing around, feeling sorry for myself. 

Dr. G tried to joke around with me, but I was so distracted that I didn't get his jokes at all. Luckily B was able to join me, and helped to clue me in. I was so focused on the task at hand and kept running through my list of questions in my head, I had no time for lightheartedness. It made me realize I should probably lighten up. Dr. G did say he thought I should make an appointment in three weeks. That, I cannot do. I told him I realize I might be crazy, but I really need these weekly appointments. He said ok and scheduled me out. 

I wasn't as anxious in anticipation of this appointment as I would have thought. I don't know if I'm starting to realize that worrying isn't going to do anything, or if I'm accepting that I'm doing everything I can do to keep this baby safe and I'm essentially powerless over things going downhill. I did, however pack a bag in case I was put in the hospital. I didn't think I'd need it, but was just trying to be prepared and didn't want to be scrambling if things took a drastic turn.

Our friends and family have really rallied in support of us and our baby girl. We have people bringing us dinners almost everyday and lots of visitors offering to help me with little things around the house. I have a large chain of people that text me right after my appointments, hoping all is well. It's a nice feeling, knowing everyone is really rooting for us. My shower invites went out this week and things are starting to come together in the nursery. Hopefully paint will be complete soon (thanks to B's mom). I'm just trying to focus on the fun stuff and take it as easy as I can.

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