Wednesday, July 11, 2012

28 Week Appointment

I don't know what to think of this appointment. I met with Dr. V, who I've seen about three times this pregnancy. He's extremely intelligent, and from what I could assess previously, is one of the more "conservative" physicians of this perinate group. 

My cervical length was pretty much the same as last time, about 1.75cm. But the funneling was worse. I'm not sure how to explain funneling. It's basically where the cervix begins to dilate from the inside out, but the bottom remains closed. My cervix is technically still closed, but if it weren't for the cerclage I'd most likely be dilated at this point. At least that's how I understand it. 

From reading SO much on the internet, the term "funneled to the stitch" has become part of my vocabulary. Unfortunately, the treatment for such is very widespread. I've seen everything from strict hospital bed rest to light duty, which is exactly what my dr.'s have me on. 

The Dr. took a look and said I was in great shape. He said, wow 28 weeks, this is excellent. And gave me two thumbs up. I asked, "Wait, so I'm now funneled to the stitch?" And he said yes. My eyes got wide. And I asked if I needed to be on bed rest. He said no, just keep doing what you are doing, it's working. He said he did not see a reason to change anything. In fact, he kind of alluded to the fact that I didn't really need to be a couch potato ( I told him that had been my version of light duty)  I was so confused I didn't even know what to ask or say. 

He just kept repeating, you are doing great, you are 28 weeks. Yes, I am incredibly thankful to have reached 28 weeks, but hello? I'd love to make it to the point where my cerclage is removed and I can have a "term" baby. I asked him what he thought my chances of that were and he didn't really give an answer. I know I need to focus on the little goals but I just cannot help but want a healthy baby who can come home with us. And at this point I don't want to do anything that would jeopardize that. While I really, really do need to keep working a few days a week to make ends meet and really enjoy being able to be home and not in the hospital on bed rest, if someone told me that was for the best I would do it in a heartbeat. I just don't want to create any problems for my girl. 

My next "victory" is my shower-a week from Saturday. Hoping and praying we make it well beyond. 

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